How To Dust Your Bookshelves

Keeping a library in your home is a notable venture. It encourages love for books and reading among family members as well as preserves generations of priceless books. The only downside perhaps of having a library is keeping the shelves free from dust. And if you are maintaining rows of floor to ceiling bookshelves, dusting them off is no joke. Here are some suggestions on how you can do this challenging task:

  1. Prepare the following tools: big duster (with long handle), small duster (with short handle), rags and a ladder.
  2. Start dusting from the top of the shelves. The cardinal rule in doing cleaning tasks is to start from the top part going down. Whatever it is that you are cleaning – a shelf, a window, a door, a car or a vase – always start above. The obvious reason for this is that – if you start cleaning at the bottom and work your way up, the dust from above will fall on the already clean portions below. Hence, always dust off from top to bottom.
  3. Mount a ladder to reach the top part of the shelves. However most ladders can only be as high. If your bookshelves are ceiling high, you will not be able to reach the topmost part. At this point, you will need the big duster with long handle. As you stay on the highest step of the ladder, reach for the highest shelves and sweep off the dust with the duster.
  4. If there are breakables or delicate photo frames on the shelves, take them all out first and dust them one by one before placing them back on the shelves. However it is not advisable to place delicate display items on the top part of the shelves as it may pose danger.
  5. Use the small duster in reaching for narrow corners. Make sure the duster has a tapered end so it can get to the edges and curves of the shelves.
  6. Remove several books from the shelves as you dust along. Remove, dust the books and place them back in their places. You do not have to take them all at once, as this can be more tedious.
  7. Take note of the arrangement or order of the books on the shelves before taking them down. To make it easier for you, just glide the books (four at a time) from their places as you dust the area. Do this procedure with all the other books in the same row.
  8. Dust the top parts of the books as they tend to accumulate the most dust. Use the small duster with tapered tip to make sure the dust is properly lodged off.
  9. Draw out the dust from the shelves with outward motion (towards you). You may do it from left to right direction or vice versa, depending on which side you are comfortable to start dusting. However if the books in one row vary in sizes, it is best to always start on the part where the bigger books are standing.
  10. Wipe the books with a rag if there are dirt particles that have stuck on their surfaces.

Vacuuming is also a good way of cleaning book shelves. However a vacuum cleaner may not be easy to handle when dusting the upper part of shelves. There are vacuum cleaners with special attachments that can reach high areas. If you have this type of tool, then you should have no problem dusting your bookshelves.


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