How To Dye Clothes with Rit in a Bucket

Dyeing is the answer to clothes and fabrics which colors have faded. Rit liquid dye is a fabric dye that you can purchase to bring back the color of your clothes and fabrics. Rit dye comes in a wide range of colors that you can choose from and is available in your local drugstores or discount stores. Though it’s possible to dye your clothes in a washing machine, this may stain the washer and may even stain the clothes that you will be washing next. To avoid this from happening, you can use a bucket to dye your clothes.
Here are the steps on how to dye your clothes using Rit dye in a bucket:

  • Select the clothes that you want to dye and dampen them.
  • Boil hot water on the stove top then get a 5 gallon bucket. Fill about 3 gallons of hot water. You can mix the boiled water with hot tap water. What’s important is that the water should be hot for the Rit dye to absorb.
  • Check the back of the Rit dye bottle on how much dye to use. Half to a full bottle Rit dye is typically used for 3 gallons of water. Mix Rit dye to the hot water in the bucket. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  • Before adding the dampened clothes in the dye water, check the back of the bottle to determine the ratio of clothes to the water in the bucket. This will make sure that the clothes will absorb the dye properly.
  • Stir and turn the clothes in the dye water every now and then to make sure that all areas will be dyed. All areas should be soaked in the water. If you don’t soak the clothes properly and you don’t stir them, the color will not be even in all areas.
  • Read the instructions on how long you should let the clothes soak. This usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Continue stirring and turning the clothes until you reach the specified time.
  • Carefully remove the clothes from the bucket. Make sure that you’re still wearing your rubber gloves to prevent your skin from being irritated by the dye.
  • Rinse the clothes properly. You can rinse these in a sink or you can rinse these outside using a garden hose. Do this until the water runs clear.
  • It’s now time to wash your clothes the usual way you wash your regular clothes. Put water in your washing machine and add soap. Put your dyed clothes which has already been rinsed and set the wash timer. Rinse the clothes once done and use a dryer to dry the clothes or let them air dry by hanging outside.
  • Dispose the dyed water in the bucket by pouring down the drain or sink.

Add brightness to the color of your favorite clothes using Rit dye. It’s fast and easy to do. In no time, your clothes will have vibrant colors again.


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