How To Dye Muslin Fabric

Etymologically, the word muslin was named after the city of Mosul in Northern Mesopotamia (which is Iraq in our modern day). The muslin fabric has made its way to popularity for gazillions of everyday crafts and art projects. Light and natural with simple weaves, and which is usually of white color, muslin can be used as a home curtain especially in hot and dry places, as a theater curtain, as an affordable green screen for film making, as a wine filter for wine impurities, as well as for casual clothing, bags and bedding, and a lot more.
Below are a few simple steps on how you can dye muslin fabric according to your own personal taste and style.

  • Prepare the materials. In a clean workplace, you’ll need a flat table surface, your muslin fabric, dye powder (with a color of your choice), 1 and ½ cups warm water, table salt, a re-sealable plastic bag, soda ash, a dryer, a wooden stick, detergent, a flat iron, and a container. Since you will be dealing with dye, you might want to keep an apron handy or simply wear old and worn-out work clothes.
  • Prepare the first mixture. Scoop 2 teaspoons of dye powder into the plastic container. Pour in 1 cup of warm water (temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius but should not go below 38 degrees) and then add a tablespoon of rock/table salt.
  • Cut the muslin fabric to half a yard and place it orderly in a resealable plastic bag. The size of your resealable plastic bag should be able to accommodate 1 gallon; otherwise, if your plastic bag is smaller than the standard size, you might not get the best results. Now dispense ½ cup of warm water into the resealable plastic bag.
  • Incorporate the first mixture into the resealable plastic bag with the muslin. For this procedure, you can ask for a little assistance from a friend. To avoid any spills, let him hold the plastic bag as you pour in the mixture. If you have a holder or a rack, then it will do without the aid of your friend.
  • Remove any air inside the plastic bag. To do this, gently squeeze out the bag until you’ve reached the point where the contents are sort of vacuumed in place. Eliminating air spaces will allow blending of the color onto the fabric more effectively. Seal the bag and set aside for 10-20 minutes. If you want get the best color results, increase the time allotted for its setting.
  • Prepare the remaining ingredients. Into a plastic container, scoop 2 tablespoons of soda ash, and then pour 4 cups of warm water. Mix the two ingredients with a wooden stick, gradually adding ½ cup of soda ash simultaneously. Afterward, pour the mixture into the resealable plastic bag with the dyed muslin.
  • Seal the bag and shake it to get best results. Set aside in a cool place for an hour or so until it has reached your preferred hue.
  • Get the muslin fabric out of the bag and wash it with your favorite detergent powder. Rinse the fabric thoroughly with cold water until all detergent is completely gone. Let dry and then iron the fabric to encourage lasting color.

Simple as can be! Now you can think of so many ways to beautify your home or dress up differently with the artistic touch of dye on your multipurpose muslin fabric. Have fun!


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