How To Estimate Building Materials for Home Construction

Getting an estimate for the materials used for home construction is a good way to find out how much it will cost for you to build a new home or to renovate your old home. If you own a piece of land and plan to put up a house on the property, then having an estimate for the building materials will save you a lot of money from excess expenditures and unnecessary arrangements that you do not need to construct a home.

To estimate building materials for home construction, follow the suggestions below.

  • Measure your home. Measure your home by square feet to get a good idea of the amount of materials and the overall cost you will need to build its foundations. Naturally, a bigger house will cost more while a smaller house will cost less, since a smaller house will require fewer materials to build. However, the cost of a small house might cost the same as a bigger house depending on the amenities and the type of material you want to use for building the house.
  • Find out if the land needs preparations. If the land you are building a house on is uneven or has large rocks that need to be moved, you need to factor in land preparations in your estimate. Preparing the piece of land for constructing a new home is as important as estimating the cost of the building materials itself. The preparation of the land is important if you want your house to be built on a stable foundation.
  • Ask for professional opinion. Ask more than one contractor for an estimate of how much building will cost based on the measurement of the property you own. Seasoned contractors can give you a quick estimate for the measurement of the land the house will be built on since they are likely to have experience with building houses on the same measurements of land. Ask builders and contractors for an estimate about the construction, services and materials needed for building the home.
  • Compare costs with similar houses. If you know someone who has about the same measurement of home as you have in mind, ask him or her how much it cost to build the home and the cost of the materials needed to complete its construction. It might also be helpful to ask the person with the same land measurement how long it took for construction to finish and where he or she got the materials, since if you plan to pay the builders per hour, you need to budget their salary into building the new home as well.
  • Gather information about needed permits. The permits for building the home count as part of the materials needed for home construction, as you cannot build a home without the proper permits and permissions to construct a home. Ask your lawyer about the legal fees and ask your contractor about the necessary permits you might need to build the house.

Getting a good guess as to how much you need to spend for the home is a good way of planning your finances that are bound to need attending to in the end. Follow the suggestions above to help you estimate the cost of materials for your home construction.


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