How To Figure Out Square Footage for Granite Counter Tops

Whether you want to build a new granite countertop for your nook or kitchen or you’re remodeling, it is always a good practice to know how to compute for the square footage of natural stone. Although you can rely on your contractor for this service, you should be aware how to figure this out as well. Having this knowledge can protect your vulnerability from being overcharged if they had over estimated the granite slabs. Remember that you have no use for the extra granite slabs if you bought more than its actual quantity. Having this knowledge would save on time if you want to get a quick estimate of your construction cost. Instead of waiting for a contractor to come to your home to take measurements and waiting for him to give you feedback, you can do it on your own.

Gauge your countertop length and width. If you’re renovating your kitchen countertop, measure the actual size of your existing countertop by using a measuring tape and determine the length from end to end. Be sure to draw a rough sketch of your kitchen counter and note the measurements for each side. Measure the width of the countertop from the termination of the splashboard to the edge of the counter. Be sure to include the overhangs bull-nosing or drip mouldings. If you have more than one countertop to remodel, measure each countertop separately, include the widths of each counter as well.

If you are starting a new kitchen, the easiest way to get the measurements is to measure it from the blueprints provided by your interior decorator or your architect. Blueprints are accurate. Be sure you are using the right drawing scale when you are measuring the lengths and widths from the blueprints.

Compute for the area of the countertops. Once you listed down the measurements for all the lengths and the widths of the countertops you want to replace with granite, you can now calculate the area in square inches. It is advisable, however, to have the same width measurements. But if that is not possible, you should get the area for each rectangular area by using this equation:

Length (inches) X Width (inches) = Area in square inches

So if you have 210” in length and 26” in width, the area would be as follows:

210” x 26” = 5,460 square inches

However, if all your counter widths are of the same length, you can use an easier formula. A, B, C and D being the lengths of each countertop:

A + B + C + D = total length X uniform width = Area in square inches

Get the area for each backsplash. Measure the length of each backsplash and one uniform width and use the same formula you used for the countertop.

Compute for the square footage. After totalling the backsplash areas in square inches, add it up to the total of the countertops in this manner:

Area of countertop (sq. in.) + Area of backsplash (sq. in.) = Total granite area in square inches.
To get the square footage, simply use this formula:
Total granite area in square inches / 144 = Total square footage

The trick in figuring out for the square footage for different shapes of countertops lies on the computation of each shape’s area. Different shapes have different formulas for the area. Be sure you are using the right equation for the right area.


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