How To Fill Gaps in Brick Mortar for Home Improvement

Do you see those cracks splitting the bricks and mortar of the walls of your home? Those seemingly harmless cracks are like little gateways where little insects and critters can pass through to munch down on your house. You’ll also have to deal with the rotting of the wood behind those bricks as water seeps its way in. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or skill to fill in those cracks. This is one of those repair jobs that you can easily do for yourself.
Here are the things you’ll need to fill in those gaps and cracks:

  • Get a good brush.
  • Buy a good brand of mortar mix and a bucket to mix it in or buy mixed mortar (the type that comes packed in a tube) and a caulk gun that you can load it into.
  • Depending on the color of your bricks, you can get cement color. You want this so the resulting colors will blend in.
  • You can actually use your bare hands for this job, but you can also use rubber gloves if you want.
  • Jointer and trowel are necessary for the finishing touches.

Once you have your materials, you can buckle down and get to work. Here are the steps:

  • Use the brush to clear out the little bits of debris that you’ll find in the cracks. You’re applying the same principle that you use whenever you apply an adhesive: if you don’t clean the surface, the adhesive won’t work very well. If the cracks are particularly huge, use the garden hose to clear out the rubble.
  • If you bought the mortar mix and the bucket, go ahead and mix the mortar mix in you bucket with some water.  If you went and bought the mortar that was already mixed in a tube, then just take the tube and load it in your caulk gun. For large cracks, use a funnel instead.
  • If you decided to use rubber gloves, this is the time to put them on. Get some water and apply it on the cracked mortar. Make sure that the mortar gets into those joints! If you happen to be using the caulk gun, this gets even easier; just shoot the mortar into the cracks.

Is your joint mortar the same regular gray color? If it is the same color, you have no problem. But if your joint mortar is not the same color, you really ought to use the mortar mix. This is the part where you can use your cement color and blend it in with your mortar mix to get the right color.

Pack the mortar as solidly as you can, then use your jointer and trowel to finish your new surface. If the crack follows the same path as the joint, simple match the joints as best as you can. Then use the trowel to shape the mortar’s surface to match the surface of the bricks.  Let it cure for as long as it needs to.


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