How To Find a Building Site for a New Home

Building a new home is so exciting! Not only do you get to design a home exactly to your preferences, but you also can choose the exact location. Although exciting, the whole process involves a multitude of important decisions, and one of those is choosing the right building site.

Step 1

Choose a location based on desirability. Searching for a building site is much like searching for a new house. You narrow down your favorite neighborhoods and choose your lot based upon view, terrain, and something that you just love about the location.

Step 2

Choose a location based upon the school district. Even if you don't have children, building in a good school district is important for your property value. This is important to anyone with school-age children, and can draw buyers to your neighborhood.

Step 3

Factor in the extra excavation costs. The views may be awesome, but so are the excavation costs. You can have that house on the hill overlooking a spectacular view, as long as you're willing to pay for it. There may be some unforeseen costs as well, including mud-slide prevention, etc.

Step 4

Investigate the utilities. Many city lots have the utilities right at the property, and the hook-up fees are the same regardless of your location. More unconventional lots, even those in subdivisions, may require the utilities to be brought long distances to reach the property. This can sometimes incur additional costs reaching up into the thousands.

Step 5

Scout-out the safety of the location. Research local crime data as well as sex offender lists to be sure the location you are choosing for your new home is safe.

Step 6

Research the CC&Rs. Before you sign those closing papers, you'd better be sure you can build the type of home you want in that neighborhood. Many cities and subdivisions have specific restrictions as to what you can and cannot build on your property.

The saying goes that nothing puts stress on a marriage like a building project. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Remember, while up to your neck in stress and decisions, that this is the realization of your dream home, and it will come together eventually. The right contractor makes a big difference. Make sure you take the time to hire someone with a proven and solid reputation. We've already researched the background on several; request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area.

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