How To Find a Fiberglass Manhole

A manhole serves an entrance to the sewers under a stretch of road. It is important to keep this opening sealed securely since a lot of human and vehicular traffic pass over these segments of the streets on a daily basis. While most manhole covers are made out of concrete or iron, the option of using fiberglass manholes has become more popular, especially considering ease of access and weight.

Concrete is traditionally among the ideal materials for making manhole covers. The material is very sturdy and is resilient enough to resist the pounding and pressure from automobile and pedestrian traffic. They have been around for a long time but it’s now that most people are beginning to see the weakness of using a concrete frame for a manhole. The concrete manholes are usually done by combining and joining two or more modules of pre-molded concrete. This makes the structure flimsy as time goes by. Concrete is also not strong enough to resist the weathering brought about by the heat, seepage from the rain and busted pipes, as well as the occasional encounters of harmful acids like hydrogen sulfide.

Iron manhole covers, meanwhile, are prone to corrosion, and if constantly exposed to extreme weather, might be prone to structural damages. These are also very heavy, and sometimes the underlying structure cannot adequately support the manhole cover near the end of its serviceable life.

Fiberglass manhole modules are a better alternative. They are molded into one piece so there are absolutely no weaknesses in the structure of the frame. It’s all in one piece and the stress is meant to be spread all throughout. It also resists corrosion a lot better than an iron manhole would do. Since it is made of fiberglass, the product is very strong without being too heavy. In fact, the module is so light that you don’t even need heavy machinery to set the thing in place. It’s definitely a perfect marriage of science and technology in one very sleek and sturdy package.

The installation of fiberglass manholes requires less time, effort and money as well so it makes perfect sense to get one. It may be slightly more expensive than a concrete manhole but once you add up the savings, it should end up being holistically cheaper than the traditional option.

The company Containment Solutions has a good page that provides information on the advantages of using fiberglass over concrete. On almost all counts and factors it seems like it makes more sense to make the change and go with the fiberglass alternative. The site allows for online purchases, and delivery and installation can also be arranged for.

Armor Cast also offers both fiberglass and polymer concrete manhole assemblies. These are considered lightweight and do not even require specialized equipment for installation.

Fiberglass manholes can be easily customizable to any size or specification. These come at a premium, though, but if you’re paying for safety, convenience and durability, the extra cost would be well worth it.


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