How To Find a Termite Exterminator

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A termite problem is one of the most common house concerns that pest exterminators confront. Thousands of homes across the United States are structurally threatened by termites, and this makes the professional pest control a multi-million dollar service industry.

Termites can be a quite a nuisance. They live in colonies and usually burrow into the woodwork by making their way from the surrounding soil to the surface of your house. Termites have a special enzyme that allows them to eat large chunks of would from your house's interior, furniture, roofing and even foundations. They usually don't emerge from the painted surface of the wood, so it may be quite a surprise to discover pieces of wood in your house that are barely intact and have only a film of paint or lacquer to keep them together.

Calling a termite exterminator to a residential area should not be just done when there is an obvious problem with the pest. Just like in health and other concerns, it's always better to have some sort of prevention versus an attempt to cure. Ensuring that your house is termite-free is the first step in keeping damage brought about by termites at bay.

To ensure that your house remains safe from the invasion of the termite army, invest in wood that has been treated with a product which repels the pest. This could also be done by a wood treatment company.

If you think you need to have a consultation with a pest control service, try the following steps:

  1. Search the yellow pages. The telephone directory has listings for almost all goods and services. A termite problem can easily solved by a pest control firm or those who work for pest exterminators. These people can also take care of other pest problems like rats, rodents, cockroaches and even squirrels, chipmunks and snakes. They have different techniques and services that could take care of just about every concern.
  2. Use the internet to look for pest exterminators. Most local directory sites like have listings for various services. The good thing about these listings is that they are likely to have some sort of client feedback and rating system.
  3. Contact the pest exterminator. Once you have at least three or more firms on your list, call or e-mail them one by one. Have them quote your property and compare rates. Some companies will even visit your home for a free assessment so they can price it more accurately. Assessment usually means that someone from the company has inspect inside your home and in the vicinity for traces of termite infestation.
  4. Ask for future protection and preventative maintenance. Ask the pest exterminator if there are some other preventative measures that could be done to keep the termites at bay if they were to come back in the future.

Getting pest exterminators is quite easy given the new technology and interconnectivity that we have in most towns and cities. Just make sure that you get a good deal by comparing prices and services before committing to one company.


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