How To Find Bright House Furniture Stores

Advances in technology have made lives easier for people all over the world. Year after year, consumer electronics manufacturers are introducing new and updated versions of appliances and household electronic products to make domestic life more convenient for people. As such we now have what we call the bright house.

A bright house is essentially an automated house. Like a smart house, it may be equipped with highly advanced lighting systems, temperature control systems, multi-media devices, security systems and window and door operations. All these systems are networked together in a single computer system that is used to program everything in an automated fashion. Hence, a bright house is sometimes called a network house or a program house.

Most of the electrical appliances in a bright house are digital, so a bright house is also sometimes called a digital house. One digital electronic product that you can find in a bright house is a digital video recorder (DVR). With this digital electronic product, people can record their favorite television programs that are shown on scheduled times and watch it when they have the time to. You never have to miss an episode of your favorite soap opera or late-night talk show. Talk about convenience!

As more and more people are turning their traditional homes into bright houses, more and more companies are offering consumers products and services to build their dream houses. One such company is Bright House Networks. Established in April 2003, Bright House Networks promises to connect your home to entertainment, information and the rest of the world through their digital cable, high speed Internet and home phone products. Their digital cable product comes with a DVR for recording television programs and watching them in high definition television. Additionally, when you live in a bright house, as the company likes to call it, you have unlimited calling plans and access to the Internet. Because of these features, a bright house can also be called a cable house, a digital house, or a schedule house.

Unfortunately, the products and services of Bright House Networks isn't available nationwide. At the moment, the company serves in selected cities and states in the United States. These include the cities of Detroit, Bakersfield, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Lakeland and New Guinea. Indeed, the company is the number one cable system provider in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. There are also Bright House stores in California, Michigan, Alabama, and Indiana. If you want to find out whether the company services your area and where you can buy Bright House products, check out the company's web site at

Having a bright house nowadays is as easy as choosing a service provider. Look for providers for bright house products and services in your area to start having an automated home. You can even take it to the next level by creating smart house. Just make sure that the company you choose can install and provide you with all the digital products you need at reasonable prices.


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