How To Find Cheap Bathroom Tiles

For many people, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. The room where the most intimate activities are done, it is understandable if you want a bathroom that reflects your taste and even your personality. Whether you have just moved in or have finally taken the step to remodeling your bathroom and perhaps the rest of your house, the first step is to find cheap bathroom tiles. Here are the places where you should look.

  1. Local home stores. Your bathroom tiles may not yet be cracked or chipped, but if your house has been around for some years, chances are that the tiles are the bland white ceramic tiles that have been mass produced in the past. To quickly modernize your bathroom, check out the new selection of bathroom tiles in the local home construction supplies, which will give the starting point your modern bathroom ideas. Among the bestsellers in modern tile designs are the glass tiles and mosaic tiles that can be arranged to create a tile painting right in your own bathroom. There are also plenty of shops that specialize in selling tiles. Try to look at these as well, since these shops often have direct contacts with tile manufacturers and can give you excellent discounts.
  2. Contractors. It is possible to hit two birds with one stone when it comes to bathroom renovations. You can hire a contractor not only to install your tiles but also to contact bathroom tile dealers. Home renovation specialists often have inside connections on where to find the best tiles. Another advantage with using your contractor for finding cheap bathroom tiles is that you can give him the price range and budget that are willing to dole out for the project, and they can narrow down the options for you right ahead. Apart from this, they can also access bargains and discounts for you especially since they are frequent customers for many tile manufacturers.
  3. Internet. While it is relatively easy to find cheap bathroom tiles, the quality of cheap tiles is sometimes very bad. If you want a manageable price with a reasonable degree of quality, and if you want your bathroom tiles to last some years before requiring another major maintenance job, you may want to visit the web. Apart from the fact that the Internet is home to plenty of tile retailers and even manufacturers, you can compare prices and design easily through the web using search engines. With most banks already offering online transactions, you can buy the tiles and have them delivered without even leaving your home.
  4. Specialty shops. In some instances, however, you may need only one or two tile pieces replaced, especially if you are already satisfied with your current bathroom tile design. In some cases, the designs are also difficult to replace because the all other elements already carry a particular theme and design, from shower head to faucet and tile. Instead of renovating the entire room or changing the entire bathroom design, it can be much cheaper for you to go to tile specialty shop, which can create the even old bathroom tiles that have gone out of production. Apart from specialty shops, you can also check out antique dealers who may have stocks of old tile pieces.

Once you have selected a bathroom tile design with the quality, design, and price range that you can work with, proceeding with the rest of your bathroom design should be easy.


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