How To Find Devices Using a Push Button Switch

A push button switch is the most common household and office interface. Just a push of this button makes a system function. Safety and ease in operation is one reason why this is famous compared to other devices (such as rocker switch, toggle switch, push switch, rotary switch, and slide switch). It is very versatile and can be either lighted or non-lighted. Below are examples of these devices.

  1. Electric fan and air conditioner. At present, two types of mechanism are used to open an electric fan and aircon, one is a clock-like dial called selector switches, which contains Off, 1, 2 and 3. The numbers represent the speed of the appliance. The other type is the use of a push button. For the fan, it’s usually Off and the speed numbers. For aircon, aside from Off it is usually Fan, High Fan, Cool and High Cool.
  2. Television, cassette and DVD player. You may not notice it, but the Power, volume, channel and menu can be accessed in the television by using this push button device. Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Record and Pause are some of the buttons used in the DVD Player.
  3. Production equipment. Before, manual labor was the most important factor in production. This has changed. Factories nowadays utilize manpower just to operate machines. The machines’ ignition operate mainly by use of switches and push buttons. In fact, there are studies conducted on how to effectively use them. One move was to prioritize the use of a two-hand push button for press machines and other machines that can cut flesh and bones to ensure both hands are out of the dangerous procedure.
  4. Mobile phones and personal computers. The keyboard, both of cellular phones, and computers, is a device consisting of multiple push buttons. Every letter and number has a corresponding interface. For example, a keypad lock just needs 2 buttons.
  5. Game devices. Either portable or not, the games in Wii, X-Box, and other gaming consoles cannot be played without the push button. For every push of the triangle, X, square, etc and start button, it has a corresponding movement or result based on the type of game you are playing.
  6. Digital cameras and video cameras. Even before the launch of digital cameras, the old camera using film also used push button technology to capture memories. The push button is the click that transforms the present into a printed material.
  7. Aircraft, ship and rocket controls. When flying an airplane, sailing a ship or sending a rocket to the moon, there are so many factors to check on to secure safe travel. These factors are the ones indicated in the push button in front of the captain or pilot. In a push of a button, a different movement can take place.
  8. Media production controls for TV and radio. Directors for TV shows and DJs from radio stations have a panel board that contains the options they can do when the program starts. There are commercial links, sound effects, voice over and many other options.
  9. Remote control. This little battery-operated thing is made up of buttons that once pushed, will allow different commands to turn into actions. There are different types of remote control, and teh most popular items that use them are TV, aircon, and toy cars.
  10. Portable medical devices, and test and measuring instruments. Usually, modern and digital medical apparatus produce results in just one push of a button. Even the digital thermometer uses push buttons.
  11. Fire alarm. Buildings are required to have fire detection and fire alarms. Before, the way to sound the alarm is you have to hit the glass of the fire box. Now, it’s just a push of button.
  12. Elevators. This is one of the oldest mechanisms that use the push button. Just by pushing your desired floor number, the elevator will stop and bring you there.


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