How To Find Door Guard Information and Reviews

A door guard can refer to anything that protects something, that is, an object or a body part from everyday dangers. In cars, there are such things as door defenders. Singularly, it is a thick, tube-like addition that is slightly elevated from the main frame and placed just a few inches below a car door’s window. Just like bumper guards, a door defender eases shock in the event that a car bumps onto another. It may be completely embedded to the main assembly, or it can also be detachable. In any case, it is meant to reduce damage inflicted on the surface of the automobile.

Door guards or hinge guards on the other hand, are used to prevent accidents concerning finger amputation and injuries due to their being trapped in the gap between the door frame and hinges. Because of the growing number of recorded cases of such accidents caused by this particular corner, guards are most definitely becoming necessities for housefolks. They come in a variety of colors to match existing door paint and decors. These are widely used at home in the kitchen for the cabinets and the fireplace, and in the children’s room especially. They can be installed front-only or side-side protection. Some products include door guards that are attached along the entire length of the side of the door near the knob. Another name to refer to this technology would be ‘hinge shield’ or ‘protector strip’. A similar item serving the same purpose is commonly called a door stopper. It is made of jelly-like plastic that attaches itself to door or window edges preventing them to close completely. This is helpful when you accidentally slam the door and there’s a person about to open it. A door protector can be applied on house windows and virtually all potentially dangerous openings; even vehicles can have window guards.

According to product reviews, KidSafe Home Safety Products, OneStepAhead and Leaps and Bounds have the best quality door guards for babies. These door guards can be used on furnaces, cabinets, windows and baby room doors.

Some known manufacturers of this good also include FingerSafe, Fingershield and DoorTech sold usually for $9 to $10 for a complete set.

There is another kind of door guard whose purpose is for more security measures. It is made of brass, bronze, silver, steel or any other metal. No, it’s not a door grill, or the traditional screen door. This one is a fairly simple device that makes use of a string of chain attached to a button that is contained in a metal box. It is located some ten inches above the door knob. It acts as a secondary locking mechanism that gives you added control of privacy with regard to opening and closing the door. The mechanism cannot be disengaged or unfastened while the door is even slightly open. It has to be completely shut for the chained button to slide through the hollow bar off the end. Therefore, a person cannot immediately enter the room after managing to turn the knob open. For added protection, an alarm system can be installed together with this indicating when a door is swung open. It can be bought from your local hardware stores. It is a staple for households and hotel rooms.


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