How To Find Generator Rental Services

No matter if your need is big or small, when the power goes out or you're in a limited energy situation, a generator can definitely be a lifesaver. You might need a generator for a project you'll be working on around the home, or for when you think the power might be on the fritz, but whatever the reason, you'll need to be able to locate a power sales or generator rental service quickly and efficiently. Use these tips to learn how to find generator rental services.

  1. Generators come in all sizes for all types of jobs, whether you need a portable generator or a specific sort of generator for a certain type of job. If you live in a moderately large area, or are close to a metro area, then try checking with the local power company. Many power companies today have spare generators that they rent out for a moderate price, by the hour or day. If you're unsure of the name of the power company in a surrounding area you might need to visit, check the phone book - the front of the book always lists utility services.
  2. If the power company doesn't offer generator rentals or sales, then try a local home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowe's or Menards. Places like these that sell power tools and other home building equipment and ideas, recognize the need for a power source to fund the project you'll be working on. Try giving a call to the store before venturing out, as this will save you time and energy, not to mention fuel in your vehicle. The phone book is a good place to get the number for the store of your choice, or you can always dial 411 for information; they can provide the address, as well, if you need to visit the store's location.
  3. Also try checking power equipment rental stores for generators that can be loaned out individually. Places that rent all types of equipment, like tractors and wood chippers and chainsaws, should also be able to rent out generators. Finding a rental equipment store in your area should also be easy using the phone book or information.
  4. Lastly, try the Internet. From any search engine, type in "generator rental" and you'll be provided with a list of stores and programs that provide rental services for all types of situations and generator sizes. As always, treat the generator as if it were your own, and return it in the same shape in which it was loaned  to you.


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