How To Find Personal Storage

Finding enough space to store belongings is a challenge faced by many at one time or another. Creative solutions can help you get the most out of your available storage space, as well as re-purposing other areas for storage as well.

Those with small kitchens could benefit from hanging pots and pans from the ceiling using a hanging pot-rack. This clears up extra cupboards for food or dishes. Make use of the backs of cabinet doors. Hooks can hold measuring cups and spoons, and wire racks can hold spices and other baking supplies. The inside of a pantry door is an especially useful place for this type of rack. Purchase wire racks that sit inside cupboards to create extra shelves - you'd be surprised how much more you can fit in a cupboard this way.

The back of the bathroom door is another great space that shouldn't be wasted. Install an over-the-door towel rack or bin to hold toiletries. Put up hooks on the walls to hang blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons when not in use. If you have a little extra floor space, fill a basket with rolled-up towels. It's visually appealing and frees up a lot of room in linen closets.

Empty walls can be converted to invaluable storage space. Install shelves wherever you can. Is there space above your kitchen sink? Bathroom sink? Washer and dryer? Storing items on shelves clears up valuable counter space. For safety's sake, always remember to use a stud finder when installing shelves to locate both studs and electric cables hidden behind walls.

Not enough closet space? Buy an extra shower curtain rod and install it in a closet half-way down. You now have double the space to hang clothes. You could also create more shelving over the top shelf of a closet, where there is usually space up to the ceiling. This can be a great place to store items you only need to access once a year, such as Christmas decorations.

Don't neglect the space under beds and couches. Purchase containers that slide under the bed to store off-season clothing or other items. Space-saver bags that you can suction the air out of are a great idea for extra linens or blankets, and this slide easily under many sofas or couches. If you have more bedding or blankets you just can't find room for, store them under the mattress covers on beds.

A cluttered garage can benefit greatly by putting a pegboard on the wall. It can hold small tools, rakes, shovels, and other items to clear up the shelves or floors in your garage. Bike racks can make use of another wall, using otherwise neglected space and storing bicycles more compactly.


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