How To Find Playground Equipment for the Backyard

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Many households consist of at least one child. In many cases, more than one child reside in a great deal of homes across the U.S. We all want our children to get out daily for fresh air, much needed exercise and to let off some steam. Finding some great playground equipment can certainly help in your efforts to get the kids outside. So what's the best way to find that great equipment that your kids will love?

Well, first, Google can be an excellent search engine in order to find great products! But what to search for? Let's try typing in "backyard playground equipment" for starters. You'll come up with a large list of results to choose from. One result,, gives you the option to custom build your backyard play set! You may also view photos submitted by customers who have had their play sets custom build for their own children.

Another great way to search for local dealers of backyard play sets is to search at At superpages, you can type in a search term as well as your city and state. This will narrow down your results to locations that are close to you so may physically go to the dealer and view the play sets without having to rely on what you see on the websites.

At times, our backyards aren't large enough to accommodate a large piece of playground equipment. In these cases, using search terms such a "playground equipment for small spaces" may be the way to go. There are several websites in which you can find all different sizes of equipment. has a variety of smaller, plastic playground equipment. This equipment is great for smaller children such as toddlers. provides the materials you need (minus the lumber) to build a mini play set for your children.

You may also check out and search for do-it-yourself books that will help you build your own play set. Building your own play set gives you the freedom to build anything you choose and however you choose. It also gives you creative and artistic freedom. Buy the parts, build at your leisure and use your own imagination! For more on building your own playground equipment, you may also visit you may also visit

Regardless of whether you choose to purchase or build your backyard playground equipment, your children will surely appreciate the effort you put into customizing their own personal playground!


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