How To Find Replacement China Dishes

A good set of china is a must have in every home to use for those special holidays and occasions. However, sometimes, the inevitable happens and a piece or two breaks rendering your beautiful set incomplete. Instead of buying an entirely new set, make the effort to see if you can find a replacement for the missing piece. Here are ways you can do it.

  • Go back to the store where you bought it. Bring a sample of the china you wish to replace, such as a saucer, so the merchandiser can see exactly what it is you are looking for. There may be stock overruns or maybe even a sale. If your style is no longer in production, ask for the contact number of the manufacturer or distributor so you can contact them directly. The store merchandiser may also be able to refer you to other stores that carry the same brand.
  • Check the manufacturer. Call the company or visit the website and see if they still carry your style. If you have the original packaging, you can give the item number. If not, they may ask for some description or markings found at the back of the china. Ask about any upcoming warehouse sales in your area. The get the number, you may ask a store that carries the brand, check online at the website or use the yellow page.
  • Go to an outlet store. Depending on where you live, there may be an outlet store for the china manufacturer that you are looking for. Outlet stores generally carry discontinued items or export overruns. When you contact the company, ask if there’s an outlet store nearby.
  • Check online. Surf online and see if you can find distributors of replacement china. You may try or Both companies have toll free numbers and may be able to help you find just what you are looking for. Aside from replacement china, these places may also be able to help you replace stemware and silverware.
  • Check garage sales and flea markets. These are excellent places to find loose china pieces. You may get lucky! If you can’t find the exact pattern of your set, you may find something very similar to it. Check estate sales, and maybe even a thrift or goodwill store  also.
  • Visit an antique shop. If your china is very old or is a hand me down, it’s unlikely you’ll find a replacement from the manufacturer. Your best bet is to visit a local antique store and see if they can find your china for you. Be sure to show the person at the store the specific pattern or style you are looking for. Leave your name and contact information so the person can get back to you in case he finds what you need.

It takes patience to find a replacement but don’t lose hope. You may consider starting another pattern that looks very similar to what you have and blend it together when you do a table setting. Also, next time, you may want to buy an extra set of the pieces, especially plates, saucers and cups, since these are the pieces that commonly get chipped or broken. It’s best to wash your china by hand to minimize the risk of breakage. Good luck!


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