How To Find Reviews for Handheld Spotlight Models

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Handheld spotlights are rechargeable lamps that are very handy when it comes to finding your way in the dark. The beam of the spotlight is very helpful because it is bright enough to lead your way in different situations like natural disasters or in the house when the power goes out. It is also handy equipment for camping or if you need outdoor lighting or underwater night diving for marine viewing. There are a lot of uses for the rechargeable spotlight that you can benefit from. There are many models to choose from that would suit anyone’s needs.
The advantage on having a handheld spotlight is that the bulbs of this product can illuminate an area, depending on what you need. You will know this through the different models that you can find. When buying a spotlight, you must know the bulb needed. There are a lot to choose from that may provide a variety of uses like LED lighting, halogen and florescent. Since it is portable, the handheld spotlight needs to be recharged, unlike ceiling spotlights that are stable and fixed. This spotlight is connected to the electric source and cannot be portable.
Here are some reviews that you may find about spotlight models:

  • Coleman Rechargeable 530 lumen CREE XR-E Tri-star LED Spotlight. This spotlight is remarkable because its beam has an exact round white circle with a huge perfect ring of spill that is good for outdoor or dark areas. The throw of light can illuminate objects up to 1/3 of a mile away. It can run up to 2.5 hours and is better than any HID or incandescent lights. This spotlight is small and lightweight. The price at Sears is $60, and it comes with a car charger and an AC charger that runs directly from it. This is a rare feature for spotlights.
  • Brinkmann Qbeam Big Max 3 Million MAXPOWER Rechargeable Spot/Flood Light. This item is sold at Target for $40. This spotlight throws longer beams and it is much brighter than the Coleman LED spotlight. This spotlight can last for 25 minutes if fully charged, and can be run directly from its 12V DC car charger for an unlimited use. Its grip is bigger than the other spotlights but is still very lightweight. The Brinkmann is still very impressive because it is the best incandescent spotlight that uses a FLOOD mode. This has a 75-watt halogen bulb that gives more power and throw.
  • Vector Spotlight. Considered to be one of the biggest in the industry, Vector spotlights are one of the top selling spotlights, taking over Black and Decker. They offer considerably more power than any standard light and can illuminate any given activity that needs lighting. Other models of vector spotlights give the same amount of light as 20 million candles. This is great for mounting in cars or handheld uses. A high-powered rechargeable battery runs it. This is great for hunting trips in the woods. There are different models and they serve different purposes.

Handheld spotlights are very easy to use and are compact. They are not too bulky or too small, unlike the mini solar spotlights used for garden lighting. The essentials of the handheld spotlight are for those times when you need to take a walk in the forest or have a clear view in the dark.


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