How To Find Safe Household Cleaners for Non-Toxic Living

Many studies have proven that most of the common commercial household cleaners that most people use in their homes contain large amounts of toxins. Since most households use these toxic cleaners regularly to spiff up their homes, the people living in the home are continually exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Obviously the toxin and preservative accumulation around the house can greatly increase the health risks of the people living in the house. To avoid toxic living, get rid of the common commercial cleaners that you normally buy and start using natural and organic household cleaners. Finding these non-toxic cleaners is not that difficult since many cleaner manufacturers have started their own green and eco-friendly line of products.

Specialty stores. Many specialty stores focusing on distributing and retailing natural and organic products have sprouted to supply the demand of the consumers wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Most of these specialty stores will carry natural and organic food and home products, which should include various cleaners and cleansing solutions. Look around your area to find these specialty stores. They will surely have a selection of these non-toxic products.

Home supply stores. Some of the larger commercial home supply stores and centers will already carry various lines of organic home products. Non-toxic cleaners and home solutions should be displayed in separate racks in these stores for those people looking to have a clean and eco-friendly home.

Alternative cleaners. Many books and articles are all over the Internet now that provides people with alternative natural solutions for cleaning around the house. For instance, most people don't know that vinegar is one of the most flexible and versatile natural cleaners known to man. This being said, start using this instead of all the commercial toxic cleaners you are used to. Anyway, these articles and e-books can be accessed by searching for them on Google. Many websites will share various home tips regarding maintaining a clean and toxic-free home.

Online stores. Websites like and market and sell natural home cleaners that have absolutely no toxins. Aside from these sites, many of the popular online stores like EBay and Amazon will sell organic products as well.

Homecare magazines and websites. Many homecare websites and magazines will have a list of brands that they recommend in the realm of home cleaners. You may want to check these possibilities out. Log on to the Internet and search for websites about homecare or visit your local magazine stand to grab some copies of the latest home magazines.

Farmer's market and trade fairs. Visiting the local farmer's market or any scheduled trade fair in your area will always have a booth or stall promoting organic and natural products like food and cleaners. You can definitely find what you are looking for in these venues.

Aside from these options, you can ask other people you know that maintain a healthy and toxic-free home for cleaning products that they can recommend to you. Ask them where they buy these products and if it is truly effective.


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