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With the downward turn in the economy, being frugal has become a necessity for many people. In fact, it is becoming more and more in vogue to be thrifty in your spending. Mainstream media is focusing its attention on ways to save. Serious frugal-minded shoppers are combing blogs and websites in search of specials and offers to help them save money. Coupon codes are one of those ways to save that have become very popular in recent years.

A coupon code is a special code that may or may not correspond with a printed coupon. When it does, it is often the code that must be used by the cashier in a retail store. However, for anyone shopping online a coupon code can be entered during the checkout process in order to obtain discounts, freebies and perks like free shipping. Coupon codes are available for everything from retail items to gift certificates to travel and much more. Before you shop online for anything you need to know if there are any coupon codes available to make your purchase even easier on the pocketbook.

Some of the top ways to find the best coupon codes include:

Step 1

Subscribe to the RSS feed for a website that scans the Internet daily for the best deals. Many such sites collect coupon codes and other great deals and send them by email to subscribers. Alternatively you can bookmark the site and check it prior to making any purchases.

Step 2

Check out websites and blogs for frugal living tips. They often provide coupon codes that come from emails and other sources. In fact, companies may even directly contact certain bloggers with coupon codes exclusively for their readers.

Step 3

Subscribe to local newsletters and blogs so you get coupon codes for local events and attractions.

Step 4

Invest in a coupon book that offers local and national savings. The coupon codes found there are good for a year or more and will provide good savings on everything from travel to dining, entertainment and much more.

Step 5

Do a Google or Yahoo search for coupon codes for specific retailers, sites or businesses. Coupon websites will often have a coupon codes available for online purchases.

Step 6

Check eBay for high ticket codes. People who do not plan to use unique coupon codes or high value coupon codes will often offer them for sale on eBay. Buying a coupon code is not a good value if you will only save little more than the cost of the code, but if you can obtain good savings, like in the case of airline tickets, then buying the code is definitely worth it.

Step 7

Check free classified websites like Craigslist for coupon codes for sale, swap or for free.

Never shop online unless you have scoured the Internet for a coupon code. Such codes are the key to shopping frugally online. In fact, you just might find that shopping online using coupon codes is quicker, easier and cheaper than getting in your car and heading to your local retailer coupons in hand.

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