How To Find Used Plastic Chairs

Satin chair covers

Plastic chairs are very practical when you live in high humidity areas. If you live in such a location and you’re starting a small business where high foot traffic is expected like a café or a restaurant, or maybe you simply want a make-over that won’t stretch your budget to the limit, consider buying slightly-used but elegant plastic furniture. These may not necessarily be new ones, as there good finds from used-items stores you can get at inexpensive prices.

Here is how to find used plastic chairs:

  1. Have the design and color you have in mind. Classic ones like Eames Eiffel are worth checking out. Eames Eiffel chairs are absolutely adorable and eco-friendly, too.
  2. Make a checklist. Plastic chairs are super practical compared to wood furniture. Look for the ones that are affordable, aesthetically attractive, fairly easy to clean, stackable, and comfortable.
  3. Keep in mind the purpose for your need of plastic chairs. If it’s for a short-term purpose like a barbecue or a wedding, it would be better if you rent it but choose banquet plastic chairs to up your party atmosphere.
  4. Have a budget. Before you go out in search of plastic furniture, determine how much you want to spend for each piece.
  5. Search the Internet or your newspaper classifieds for special deals. Ditto, post your questions on forums about used or second-hand plastic furniture. Netizens would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
  6. Get recommendations from friends and family. They might have places in mind where deals are steals or even better, they might donate a piece or two of their own plastic furniture to you.
  7. Have a great idea for mixing and matching. Try to color coordinate by looking for one-of-a-kind designs for plastic tables, plastic stools, and plastic banquet chairs that you can pair as a set or as decorative pieces for the theme that you have in mind.
  8. Be on the lookout for garage sales and flea markets. This is especially true during spring cleaning season.
  9. Find the source. Go directly to the manufacturer and supplier. It’s a surefire way of getting an array of plastic furniture to choose from without the add-on-costs found in stores.
  10. Get a magazine subscription that focuses on used plastic furniture or second-hand furniture in general. If you cannot afford to buy a subscription, request a free catalog from your local furniture store that specializes on used furniture.
  11. Pay attention to newspaper and magazine inserts. These inserts are often used to promote and announce special sales and discounts. Some feature furniture items that are in the market.
  12. Check out your parents’ home. If your parents are the buy-and-store type, they might have these lying around in their attic just sitting there collecting dust.
  13. Watch out for closing-out or end-of-season sales. In the same way, watch out for neighbors who plan to move out.
  14. Trade in your old furniture for plastic furniture. Take pictures of your old furniture and post it on your website or on e-Bay.
  15. Drop by your local thrift furniture store. This kind of place abounds with used furniture, plastic or otherwise.

Voila! You now have 16 hints to buying used plastic chairs and then some! Go and have a fan-plastic time searching for fan-plastic chairs!


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