How To Find What Wind Power Costs

There are plenty of sources of energy in our world. Usually, they are classified between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The most typical and famous examples of these are fossil fuels, coal, petroleum, gas, oil, wind, water, nuclear power plants, power hydrogen, electricity and other power technologies. Another classification would be based on its economy and its environmental impact. Renewable and environmentally friendly sources are those of wind, water, power hydrogen, etc. Some of the most popular non-renewable sources of energy are the following: fossil fuels, coal, petroleum, gas and oil. And lastly, the non-environment friendly among all these are the nuclear power plants, etc.

Wind is a free and renewable source of energy unlike some of those mentioned above. It is a clean source, meaning it is harmless to the environment unlike other power sources, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Though wind is free, to make it into an energy source and to use it is not free. You will need a wind turbine, a big area for the turbine, knowledge about how to receive in your area, requirements and costs in having such a power source.

Though wind power costs are so much less than nuclear costs and other power plant costs, the amount of energy that wind power generates is usually less as well, because it is not proportional to the demand but rather to the amount of wind in the area. Because prices of other sources of energy continue to rise, you might opt to have your own source of wind power. Find out how much electricity you consume every year to see if having your own wind turbines will help you lessen your expenses in the long run. Make sure that you take into account the initial capacity costs like installation costs and operational life of each turbine then calculate carefully the money that you will be saving each month. Do not forget to note the costs for maintenance because these are likely to break down. A 10kW system will usually cost you around U.S. $50,000 and will require you an area of a half-acre for each turbine. If you have limited area in your property or the system that you want is just less than 200 watts then you can opt to have solar panels instead, which is much less expensive.

Another thing to consider is the amount of wind in your area. For it to become an investment that is very economical, your area must have an average of 15 miles per hour of wind or if you will base it on your area's wind resource map, your locale must have at least a three or higher. If you choose to have a solar panel though, make sure that in your region it rarely rains or your panels will be useless.

Finally, if you have neighbors nearby, ask permission from them and check with the local government where your area is situated because they might complain about the noise, bird killings and unsightliness of the wind turbines.

Wind power costs might seem expensive in the beginning, but this will save you a lot of money when the time comes that gas, petroleum and electricity will become too expensive.


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