How To Finish a Low Basement Ceiling

Some homeowners want to get rid of their low ceiling basement in order to have more space for their home. One of the problems with this is determining what to do with a low basement ceiling. There are some things that you can do in order to finish a low basement ceiling. Follow the steps provided below to know how you can do this.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to finish a low basement ceiling:

  • Regulations. Before you make any changes to your home, you will have to check with your county to determine if there are any regulations that you have to follow regarding the work on your basement ceiling. You might have to follow rules on the type of material used for the ceiling, the height of the ceiling or other important matters that concern your safety.
  • Consult an architect. If you have the budget, it is best to consult an architect first before you do anything with your ceiling. An architect can suggest some of the ways on how you can finish your ceiling. Provide some details on what you want your basement to look like and the architect will be able to help you throughout the entire process. Be open to their suggestions too as they may have some good ideas that you never thought of doing.
  • Primer. The first step in finishing your ceiling is to apply spray paint first in a light color. You might need several cans of spray paint to cover your entire ceiling. Include spray painting all the items that are exposed on the ceiling. Wait for the paint to dry. Apply primer on the ceiling when the spray paint has already dried.
  • Mount drywall. The next step is to mount the drywall on the ceiling. You can do this by using a strong adhesive that is good for mounting hard and solid items. Use drywall hanger to help you with mounting the drywall. Do this until all the drywall is mounted on your basement ceiling. Afterwards, use heavy duty tape to cover the creases on the ceiling.
  • Attach panels. The last thing to do is to attach the panels or ceiling tiles. You can use putty to do this. You might need a special kind of glue for attaching the ceiling tiles. Ask the hardware store on what type of putty is best to use for your panels or your ceiling tiles. Wait for the tiles to dry.

These are the steps that you have to follow if you want to finish a low basement ceiling. When you are working, it is advisable to use work gloves, work goggles and a face mask to cover your nose and mouth so that you will not inhale the fumes from the paint. If you are having a hard time doing this on your own, it might be best if you hire a construction team or ask help from a few friends so that you can get the job done quickly.


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