How To Fix a Drafty Roof Vent

Roof vents are installed in houses to make way for cold or hot air to get out of the house. Depending on the roof installer, roof vents may vary. Whatever the type of roof vents your installer placed in your house, it is your responsibility to check it. Occasionally check your roof vents, especially before winter arrives to make sure that your house is properly ventilated. You wouldn’t want to spend the start of winter freezing cold for the last minute repairing.

If your roof vents are starting to show draftiness, you can call in professional roof vent repairmen or you can opt to fix it by yourself. The sure sign that can tell you that your roof vent needs repairing is if you’re starting to feel that cold air is entering your house through it. Observe for a few days and if the problem persists, prepare for a fixing job.

  • First, check to see if the vent pipe is properly placed. The vent pipe should go through the roof to make sure that the pipe outlet is outside the house. Most houses have their vents accessible through the attic. A misplaced vent pipe will allow moisture to seep through your attic, which can damage the items you have stocked in the attic. If the pipe is too short to go through the roof, purchase an extendible pipe to add on to your existing vent pipe.
  • Try foam insulation. As you will need to visit your local home store to purchase the extendible pipe, make the trip worthwhile by purchasing some foam insulation. Choose the rigid type of foam of about an inch thick. To know how much you need, approximate the size of the roof vent that needs repairing, this should be the same amount of area that you need to cover with the foam.
    Using a sharp knife cut the foam insulation in about the same size as the roof vent. Form the insulation foam around the circumference of the vent pipe. Use a duct tape to fix the foam around the pipe. This insulation foam will ensure that there are no spaces around the pipe wherein the cold air can seep through.
  • Hide the vent. Your fix-it-yourself drafty roof vent is actually done at this point. However, the insulation foam fixed by strips of duct tape may cause an eyesore. Consider your self in luck if the vent pipe is hidden in a cabinet somewhere. But if the vent pipe is situated in an exposed area, don’t worry, as a little cover-up will do the trick.Prepare a small wooden box about ten to twenty percent bigger than the vent pipe. Use some lightweight plywood to make your box. Paint the box with the same color as your ceiling to completely camouflage it. Secure the box on your ceiling.

Congratulations! You and your family are now guaranteed with a warm winter. Just always remember to check on your roof vents every so often to ensure that all the vent pipes are securely fixed in their proper places. Better be safe than cold!


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