How To Fix a Hole in a Pocket

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Remember the time you put your car keys in your pocket and the next thing you knew, you were staring at them on the floor unaware of the hole in your pocket! Fixing a hole in a pocket is quick and easy, here's how.

Be it a shirt or a trouser pocket, start with rolling the pocket inside out. Check to see if there was a hole in the material itself or if the seam is ripped. Once you have identified the problem:

  • Ripped/Lose seam
    With the help of straight pins, put together the two edges of the ripped seam. Use a matching thread to thread the needle and knot the ends. Begin stitching from the right to the left side of the ripped seam ensuring there is half an inch gap at the edge. Continue with stitching the seam until you are half an inch away to the end. Knot the thread by circling and inserting the needle, use scissors to cut off the rest of the thread.
  • Hole in the material
    Cut a small patch of the cloth material to cover the hole; use a matching thread to thread the needle and knot the ends. Pull the trouser or shirt pocket inside out and pin down the cut patch onto the hole to ensure it is fully covered, hold the insides of the pocket material and begin stitching in a circle ensuring you have stitched the patched material in order to cover the hole in your pocket material. Once a full circle of stitching is completed, knot the end and use the scissors to cut off the rest of the thread.

A pocket type may not be the same. There are different kinds of pockets as there are different types of garments. Some are patched or inside pockets, some are in-seam or slashed and some are lined or unlined, although each type may require different kinds of attention while you face a challenge to fix a ripped seam or a hole in your pocket. The above process can be followed for any pocket that hangs inside the garment.

Fixing a hole in your pocket is an easy and quick method, provided you keep the stitching or embroidery kit handy. This kit can be collected or is readily available at any supermarket. The kit includes a pair of scissors, a set of needles and threads in different colours. Ensure you pick the thread that closely matches the material of your garment, and choose a needle that easily penetrates into the fabric. Also while stitching the hole in your pocket, ensure the stitches are close and small, so it doesn't show or rip off again!


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