How To Fix a Lead Acid Battery

Rechargeable battery
Lead acid batteries can be a great source of electricity. This type of battery is inexpensive and rechargeable, perfect for use with automobiles. However, at some point, your lead acid battery might corrode. Excessive heat might also damage your battery. When this happens, it is important that you know how to fix it.

Here are the steps you can take to fix your lead acid battery.

  • Prepare your equipment. You will be needing safety equipment. These are normally gloves and goggles. You will also need a screwdriver. A large, flat screwdriver is best. Battery acid tester is needed to test the ratio of the acid in your battery. Last, but not the least, a mixture of two parts water and one part sulfuric acid to replenish the acid in the battery.
  • Prepare the battery. Upon checking your battery, you will find six battery cells there. Each cell has a cap. Remove the cell caps using a screwdriver. This will let you see into the cell compartment. Prepare to use the tester on the battery acid. The most common testers are those that use a dropper. You will find that the dropper has colored balls inside.
  • Check the level and ratio of the acid. Get a sample of the battery acid. By using the dropper, you will determine the level and ratio of the acid by checking the color and number of the balls that are floating in the dropper.
  • Refill the acid until it reaches its proper ratio and level. If you find that one of the battery cells has a low acid level, you must refill it. You can determine this by checking the top holes of each cell. When you do this, remember never to use just water. This can badly damage the battery cells. You can use a fresh acid mix. Ask a battery expert about this. After refilling the battery acid, change the plates of your battery. You can do this by a group or individually. Afterward, charge the battery using a trickle charger with 1-amp settings. If this does not work, proceed to the next step.
  • Prepare the ingredient to fix the rust problem on the lead acid battery. Buy magnesium sulfate. This is the primary chemical used to remove the rust from the lead. You will find this in any local pharmacy or department store.
  • Combine magnesium sulfate with a quart of distilled water. Before you combine the two, make sure to heat the distilled water to about 150 degrees. Afterward, mix the magnesium sulfate with the water. Use only about 10 tablespoons full. Stir the water until you dissolve the Epsom salt.
  • Place the mixed solution to the lead acid battery. After mixing the two substances, pour it inside the battery. Use only a half quart of the solution you made. Afterward, place the caps back. Shake the battery thoroughly to mix the substances.

These are the steps on how to fix a lead acid battery. To avoid future battery problems such as sulfation, it is best that you take care of your battery properly.


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