How To Fix a Leaky Wall Mount Faucet

Outside faucets can be easily ignored because leakages and drippings aren’t easily detected. Fix a leaky wall mount faucet immediately to save water. You will lose money because you may lose up to 3 water gallons every day, and it will affect the environment as well. Fixing leaky wall-mounted faucets are easy to do, and besides, hiring a plumber can be expensive. You just need an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver to fix a leaking or dripping faucet. Below are steps and guide on how to fix a leaky wall mount faucet.

Understand the cause of water leaks. If there is a water leak at the handle’s base or nut area, then its connection is loose. Tighten the nut below the handle with an adjustable wrench. In some designer faucets, the nut can be found within the handle so you need to pull the handle out to make the nut exposed.

Besides loose nuts, another source of water leak is washer problems. Worn out or inappropriate installation of washers causes faucet leaks or drippings. Wrong sized washers are also troublesome. You can determine if you have poor washers if the water runs or drips from the handles and if there are gradual leaks from your faucet.

Repair your leaky wall mount faucet. Shut down your water supply and remove the screws that are holding the handle of your faucet stem. Pull the handle of your faucet stem.

Use an adjustable wrench to rotate the packing nut in a counterclockwise movement. Put the handle and the packing nut in a safe place where you can easily remember them.

Open your faucet stem by turning it. Continue the rotation until the faucet stem comes out. Take out the center screw of your faucet stem that can be found on its bottom. Take out the washer as you remove the center screw. The washer is usually black, flat, cone-shaped, and made up of soft plastic.

Check your faucet stem if the washer area has corroded spots. If there’s a major corrosion on your faucet stem, then you need to replace it.

Observe the area that surrounds your faucet body as you closed your faucet. Observe if there are corroded spots in the faucet seat; replace it with a new one if the faucet seat has corrosion.

As you put a new washer, ensure that it is the same type and diameter of the previous washer. Bring the old washer to your local hardware store to ensure that you will get what you need. If the screw is damaged by rust or if it’s disassembled, then replace it as well.

Screw back the faucet stem into its faucet body.

Replace a new stem packing. Tightly screw back the packing nut on your faucet stem. Carefully tighten the nut to compress but not too tight for you might damage the packing nut. Adjust the nut if you’ve tighten it much.

Turn on your water supply and inspect the faucet stem area if there are leaks. If there are still leaks or drips, then tighten the nut more.

If you doubt your handyman skills, then hire a professional plumber. But it’s better if you’ll learn on how to repair your leaky wall mount faucet because it will save you money. Learning how to do things on your own is beneficial in the long run, and it serves as enjoyable hobby as well.


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