How To Fix a Loose Kitchen Cabinet Door

Kitchen cabinet doors take a great deal of abuse in my house and in my son’s home, with seven children ranging in age from two to fourteen years of age. Fixing the loose kitchen cabinet door is a job often found on my wife’s Honey Do list. Fixing a loose kitchen cabinet door is a relatively easy task even for someone new to DIY (doing-it-yourself).

Fixing loose kitchen cabinet doors requires a few tools. You will need the following tools and supplies.

  •  3/8” drill/driver
  •  Twist drill bits
  •  Flat blade screwdriver
  •  Phillips head screwdriver
  •  Awl
  •  Replacement screws
  •  Hinges
  •  ¼” wood doweling
  •  Wood glue
  •  Wood filler
  •  Sandpaper

In most cases, you can fix a loose kitchen cabinet door by simply tightening the screws that secure the hinges to the kitchen cabinet door or the screws that secure the door hinge to the kitchen cabinet. If the screws will not tighten securely, we have several options for fixing a loose cabinet door.

Aesthetics are an important consideration when repairing kitchen cabinet doors. If the hinges are visible, we want to fix the loose door in such a way that the door looks the same as all the other doors. We can’t move the loose hinge to a different position on the cabinet door because we need to keep the spacing between the hinges on that door the same as they are on all the other cabinet doors. Depending on the size and weight of the cabinet door and depending on how badly the screw holes are damaged we can fix them in several different ways.

  • The easiest and quickest way to fix a loose kitchen cabinet door is to remove the old screws and replace them with slightly larger screws.
  • If the screw holes are too worn for this method to work, remove the hinges, drill out the holes, and glue in short pieces of ¼” doweling. Then drill new pilot holes for the screws and remount the hinges.
  • If the loose cabinet door is small and light, you may be able to simply fill in the old holes with wood filler and then screw the screws into the filler.
  • If the loose cabinet door has hinges mounted on the inside and out of sight, remove the hinges and shift them inward before replacing the screws.
  • If the hinges themselves are damaged, replace with new hinges and screws.


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