How To Fix a Picture Hanger

Bare walls look boring, and the best way to brighten up a wall is to hang pictures on it (not to mention using a wallpaper). There are a few ways of hanging a picture or artwork since there are different kinds of picture hangers. A picture hanger can be secured to the wall alone, while some can be attached to the frame itself. Commonly, wireback picture hangers are used. Each end of the wire is attached on each side of the frame at the back, and the frame is hung on the nail attached to the wall. Since this is the most secure hanger, it is usually used to hang mirrors. 

Nailing frames is not the only way to attach a picture to the wall. Preserving the smoothness of the wall is essential since you might want to relocate that picture frame someday. It can be a nuisance to cover up holes once you decide to remove the frame. This is the reason why picture hangers with self-adhesive at the back were invented. Choose the ones with a pull-out tab to easily remove the hook from the wall without leaving a sticky mess behind. There is another picture hanger called the saw-tooth picture hanger, which you can use instead of wire at the back of the frame. This saw-tooth works well with the self-adhesive picture hanger, but you can use them separately.

Weight is an important factor in choosing a picture hanger. Every picture hanger available has a printed label of the maximum weight it can support. Never use frames which are beyond the maximum weight because it will only cause the frame to fall.

Here's how to get started in fixing a picture hanger:

  1. Start by measuring the width of the back of the frame.
  2. Get the center and mark it using a pencil.
  3. A saw-tooth hanger has a raised dot. To center the saw-tooth hanger, place the raised dot over the penciled mark.
  4. Before attaching the hanger to the frame, first remove the frame’s contents.
  5. Start hammering the picture hanger into the frame, but do it lightly since too much impact can break the glass. Soft wood may break apart because of the impact while in some wooden frames, the wood is harder and requires more force in hammering the hanger.
  6. Now, your frame is ready for hanging. If you have a nail or hook that is already attached to the wall, then there is no need to go through steps 7 to 10. But if you prefer to have an adhesive picture hanger attached to the wall instead, then continue with step 7.
  7. To fix the adhesive picture hanger, peel the backing off the adhesive.
  8. Stick it to the part of the wall where you want to hang the frame. The top of the frame should be eye level. 
  9. Press it firmly against the wall.
  10. Now you can hook the saw-tooth back on the adhesive picture hanger.

Modern picture hangers can be bought easily from stores selling heavy hangers, plastic hangers, or even antique-look hangers. For something different oriental brass picture hangers, can be bought from eBay.


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