How To Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

You don’t need to worry much if the lock of your sliding glass door suddenly malfunctions or gets broken down. Fixing it shouldn’t be that complicated. Here are some easy-to-follow steps so you can make the lock of your sliding glass door working perfectly again:

  1. Look for a replacement for your sliding glass door lock. You can readily find one either at the home center or the hardware store in your local community. Note, however, that you should aim to get the perfect match for your lock. How do you do exactly just that? First, you can use your cellular phone. If it has a camera, take a picture of the lock. You can also have you digital camera. Or, simply remove the defective lock from your sliding glass door and show it to the store associate. You can remove the lock by taking out the door’s attached screws. By bringing the actual lock, you are saving yourself a good amount of time. You eliminate the possibility of having multiple trips back to the home center or the hardware store, in case the lock you have gotten doesn’t work. Once you have obtained the perfect match, you only need about between five and ten minutes to fix everything.
  2. Take out the new lock from its box or packaging. Try to get to know most of its parts and pieces. Bear in mind that locks, particularly for sliding glass door, may be significantly different from each other, from type to type and from brand to brand.
  3. Find the location of the locking cylinder. Once you have found it, install it directly into the lock frame of the main door. Then, look for the key. Try sliding it into the locking cylinder that you have just installed. The key should turn properly. If it doesn’t work, consider removing and reinstalling the locking cylinder for better results.
  4. When the key is already working, you may position into the door the lock frame’s exterior side. The exterior side is the one that is locking. Double-check if the positioning is properly aligned. Then, get the lock frame’s interior side. Place it into the door, too. Make sure that it fits well into the entire setup.
  5. Proceed to attach the handle of the door. You should place it over the screw holes of the door frame’s interior side. Then, put in the corresponding screws. You can initially hand tighten them so they can get in easily into the holes. You can tighten them further by using a Phillips head screw driver.
  6. Gently slide your glass door so it closes. Observe if the newly installed door lock engages well. If it does, it should close smoothly. Then, open the glass door. See if the locking mechanism is functioning. The locking arm should move effortlessly.

So, if the lock of your sliding glass door breaks down again, you are in the best position to handle the repairing job. You already know that it’s no sweat at all.


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