How To Fix a Wall Fan

Electronic appliances and devices are aplenty in each and every normal household, all over the world. From our door gates, porch, living room, dining room, entertainment room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, these places are filled with various electronic devices. We buy and use these electronic appliances to make our lives easier, and better.

One of the more popular appliances that can be seen in the normal household is the electric fan. This simple electronic appliance makes our lives comfortable by cooling our interior, and sometimes exterior, environment. There are many types of electronic fans – from bath fans, wall fans, ceiling fans, desk fans, even ventilation fans and exhaust fans.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback in the use of these electronic appliances and devices. With the wear and tear from everyday use, many of these gadgets fall to malfunction. This can be caused by misuse of the appliances, giving it no rest, or even as simply as not cleaning them. Your electronic fan will show symptoms that would give you clues on its condition. Here are some steps and tips in fixing a wall fan.

  1. Be observant with all electronic fans that you use at home. Be wary of little noises that should not be there in its normal operations.
  2. Should you hear anything wrong, see or smell anything out of the ordinary, immediately turn off your wall fan. To be extra cautious, cut the power supply by unplugging it from the electric socket or by turning off the circuit breaker.
  3. Inspect your wall fan. If you do not see anything wrong on the outside, dismantle the entire fan from its mount.
  4. Lay the wall fan on a table and remove the fan grill or cover. Depending on the type and model of your wall fan, it is usually done by unclamping the spring retainers, or unscrewing of the screw bolts.
  5. Open the housing of the motor by unscrewing the screw bolts, and clean it with a blow dryer and vacuum cleaner. Locate the manufacturer name and model number and write them down in a piece of paper.
  6. Locate the main screw that holds the fan and connects it to the motor. Carefully separate the fan blades from the motor. If the fan blade needs replacement, you can simply get a generic replacement in your nearby household or hardware store.
  7. If after replacement of the fan blades, your wall fan still does not work, then you have to replace the motor. Simply redo the steps until you have separated the fan blades from the motor.
  8. Remove the housing of the motor. Carefully study the wiring and circuitry of your wall fan since you will have to reconnect it the same way.
  9. Take the malfunctioned motor to your nearest hardware/electronic store. Ask for a replacement. They may provide you with an exact replacement, or one of the latest releases. Make sure that whatever it is, it will fit the original housing of the motor, and is compatible with the fan blades and the related screw bolts.
  10. Do the steps in reverse to properly install your newly replaced wall fan.


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