How To Fix Paint Streaks on a Ceiling

First of all, it’s very important that you know how to properly paint a ceiling to avoid streaks. The most helpful tips to avoid paint streaks include using high-quality paint and paintbrushes and rollers; properly cleaning and drying the ceiling before painting; putting the proper amount of paint on the brush before applying the paint to the ceiling; and using primer to prep the ceiling before applying the paint.

If you already have a ceiling that has paint streaks, do be encouraged by the fact that there are still some ways that you can troubleshoot the situation. Here are some of the steps you can take to fix paint streaks on a ceiling:

Wait for the paint to dry completely. Take about a whole day to ensure that the ceiling is completely dry before you fix the streaks.

2a paint that matches the ceiling paint. Look at the label of the paint and purchase an exact shade. If you can’t find the can of paint that was used for the ceiling, you may need to bring along a paint chip when you purchase another can of paint, so you can be sure to exactly match the current paint on the ceiling.

If the paint has been long on the ceiling, however, it could have faded to a different color. You would have to match the current color, so you might need to purchase paint that’s about a shade lighter than the original.

Prepare the room and the ceiling
. Get all the furniture inside the room and transfer them to the middle, and cover it all with cloth. This will ensure that no paint will drip down to your furniture. You should also put painter’s tape around the edges of the ceiling, specifically on the areas where you wouldn’t want to paint over.

Put primer over the areas of the ceiling that need to be fixed. Your purpose here is to completely cover the streaked painting with primer. If there are several areas in the ceiling with streaked paint, you may need to cover the ceiling entirely with primer.

Paint over the streaks. Using the paint that has the same color as the original, paint over the streaks. Stroke the paint against the original angle of the streaks. The point to using crisscross motions against the original streaks is to cover over the streaks thoroughly.

Make sure that you apply paint to the rollerbrush or paintbrush evenly. One of the main reasons for streaking is that more paint was applied to some areas than others.

Assess your handiwork. Wait for the paint to dry completely, and assess your handiwork. If there are still signs of streaking and uneven painting, you may need to completely redo the ceiling. This time, make sure that you properly apply the painting to reduce streaking.

There you have it! These are the steps towards fixing paint streaks on a ceiling. Remember, painting ceilings yourself will take effort, and expect that your first handiwork won’t be as perfect as you would like. Through practice, however, you’d surely be able to paint outstanding ceilings! Good luck, and hope this article helped you out!


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