How To Fix Power Line Interference

Power line interference is one of those annoying sounds that will almost drive you crazy.  With a little guidance the interference can be eliminated.  Whether it is the white noise sound coming from your television or the constant buzzing sound on the phone line, a little investigative work will cure all.

In order to eliminate line distribution noise, you have to find the source of the interference.  This can be done in a couple of different ways.  First, you can locate a meter that will help you locate the source of disruption.  These meters are fairly expensive; however they will speed up the process.  The second option is to use your senses and locate the noise source.  Taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood can do this.  Most of the time you can place your hand or ear on the pole in question and hear or feel a vibration coming through the pole.

The overhead interference might be originating in a different location than what is thought.  If you live near someone who transmits via HAM radio then the Interference may be coming from his or her location.  However, the probable cause of the interference will be a power line.

Once the pole is located you will want to call the power company.  If you can provide them with a pole number, which is located near the bottom of the pole this will speed up the process of fixing the power line interference.  You have to remember that the noise you are experiencing is not causing a problem on their end but if you do the footwork for the power company they will most likely be appreciative in that they do not have to use the manpower to find the source.

What caused the power line interference?  There can be many sources of the noise or interference but the most common location will be at the top of the power line.  This is where the transformer and fuses are located.  Transformers rarely cause the noise because they are liquid filled and any arcs within it will cause it to blow.  Fuses however pose to be the most common source for power line interferences.  The fuses have a shorter lifespan than the transformers; therefore they need replacing more frequently. Another source of the interference may be loose connections in the power line.  In order for this to be fixed then the linemen will need to inspect the pole in question and tighten the connections.

In order to successfully eliminate power line interference you may have to devote some time in locating the source.  This may or may not be a difficult task to complete especially, if your neighborhood has underground lines.  Remember, take your time and any help you can provide the power company with will be greatly appreciated.


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