How To Fix Up Cheap Furniture

Decorating your home on a budget is not that difficult.  Buying new furniture can certainly put a big dent in your already tight budget, more so if you want high quality, expensive pieces.   One way to go around this financial challenge is to buy cheap furniture.

Of course cheap furniture is cheap for a reason.  They are often ordinary looking and obviously not one of a kind.  Apart from this, cheap furniture may not exactly be as sturdy as one-of-a-kind pieces.  And thus, they don’t last as long especially if subject to daily use.

However, you can fix up cheap furniture to make it look more appealing and sturdy.  Here are some ideas on fixing cheap furniture:

  1. Metal furniture.  Spray paint cheap metal furniture.  Metal TV stands, shelves, tables and garden accessories can be spray painted.  On a sunny day, find an area outside the house where you can apply silver or pewter paint to your metal furniture.  You can also opt for bolder colors to make them stand out.
  2. Wood furniture.  If the wood furniture is cheap because you bought it second hand, check for scratches, holes and loose components.  Wobbly legs can be repaired or reinforced.  If you can sand the wooden surface or strip the paint, varnish or repaint it with the color or shade of your choice.
  3. Knobs and handles.  Replace cheap looking knobs and handles.  The hardware store sells many attractive and expensive looking knobs and handles that you can use to update your furniture.
  4. Slip covers.  Whether it is a set of chairs or your inexpensive sofa, slip covers are a great way to hide its flaws and make them look fabulous.  Choose good quality materials for the slip covers.  Add cushions in fashionable colors and designs to spruce up your sofa and chairs.  It is best to have more than one set of slipcovers and pillowcases.  This way, you can change the look of your cheap furniture in an instant!
  5. Throws, blankets, table cloth and more.  You can use throws or blankets on sofas and chairs to make them look more chic.  Just make sure that the throw or blanket you use does not clash with the upholstery of the chair or sofa.  For tables, cover them with a nice table cloth.  Don’t use plastic or vinyl table covers, though.  It will make the table look cheaper that way.
  6. Contact paper.  You can line shelves and drawers with colorful contact paper.  There are many visually appealing ones in the market.
  7. Accessorize.  For cheap cabinets, TV stands, tables and more, accessorize them with picture frames, flower vases and other expensive looking knick knacks to draw the attention away from the cheap furniture.  Books are great accessories, too.  Just make sure not to use cheap looking frames and other design elements.  Cheap on cheap is not the way to go.

In today’s economy, it is okay to shop furniture without breaking the bank.  You can still find quality furniture even at a low price.  Whether it is cheap beds, cheap sofas, second hand furniture pieces or particle board furniture, you can make them look expensive with a little DIY skill and creativity. 

You can find more ideas on how to fix-up your cheap furniture online.  A visit to the hardware store can also give you ideas on sprucing up your otherwise drab and inexpensive table, shelf or sectional furniture.   Make the most out of your cheap furniture.  You can turn them into beautiful pieces without going broke.


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