How To Freshen a Down Comforter

Perhaps one of the better comforts in life is coming home after a long day and settling into bed, snuggling into the warmth of a thick, soft, fresh-smelling comforter. Many would consider a comforter one of the better investments one would make. But how exactly does one keep the experience, and especially the comforter, fresh?

You can’t go wrong with a cool breeze on a sunny day. Hang the comforter out on a clothesline on a windy day. Doing this initially removes both dust and odor from the comforter. A few hours of this and you will end up with a well-aired out, clean smelling comforter, ready to take you into another night of restful slumber. 

You can also find specialty fabric products that are specifically designed to deal with this sort of thing. These fabric sprays eliminate the odor-causing bacteria than can accumulate on the comforter. Spraying both sides of the comforter periodically will result in a constant, fresh scent and texture for the fabric. Lint rollers are also quite helpful in removing hair and dust from your comforter. Leaving this sort of debris on the surface of your comforter can be damaging to the fabric itself. More importantly, why would you want to sleep with a comforter that feels like gravel?

When washing the comforter, a dryer can also serve as a quick fix. Slightly dampen the comforter, add a dryer sheet or fabric softener sheet to the mix and set your dyer to the lowest possible heat setting. Ten minutes on this short cycle will be enough. Pull the comforter out, give it a good fluff, you’re all set for another great night’s sleep. Frequent washing, however, may work against you. Not many washing machines are designed to handle a fabric of that size and texture, so make sure that you use a large-size washer. Also, it is recommended that washing should only occur around three times a year. A Monthly washing regimen would eventually take its toll on your comforter. If you feel the need to frequently clean your comforter, a quick trip to the dry cleaners may be a good option as well. More importantly, down comforters should never be washed. The water will work against you and damage the down itself. 

If the wear and tear of daily use are starting to show their telltale signs on your favorite comforter, you also have the option of buying a new duvet cover. A much cheaper alternative to buying a new comforter, the duvet acts as a giant case for your current comforter. These easily button right over your comforter, and come in all sizes. Also, remember to fluff your comforter daily in order to evenly distribute the down. 

As a last resort, you can always have it professionally cleaned at your trusted cleaners. However, bear in mind that this costs quite an amount of money, and you may actually be saving more money by going out and buying yourself a brand-new comforter!


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