How To Freshen Your Carpets

Carpets wear down over time. After some years of use, you will notice that there is a contrast between the color of the area, which is frequented by family members than the corner where people rarely go. It is time to give your carpet a lift to have its former looks. Your carpet can look great even without an expensive carpet shampoo. You only need some trust that people like you can freshen up your expensive carpets.

  • Get a mixing bowl and mix half cup of ammonia with two cups of water. Make sure the solution will not cause damage. Do some testing before spraying the carpet.

  • Use a sponge mop or spray bottle to lightly apply the mixture on your carpet. Ammonia smells like urine so apply very lightly. Do not use ammonia on wall carpet if you have dogs or cats. These pets think that ammonia is urine and so they add more for territorial markings.

  • Dry the ammonia solution. Open your windows to allow the sun to work together in drying and eliminating the fumes.

  • Have fresh scents to counter the odor left by the ammonia mixture. Spray your light bulbs with perfume to give a sweet welcome scent when you turn on the light.

  • Sprinkle on your carpet a light layer of salt to act as abrasive when people walk over the carpet; it helps freshen up your carpet's color.

  • Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and let it set overnight. Vacuum in the morning and freshen the room with essential oil. For households with pets, buy a pet deodorizer, sprinkle a small amount on the carpet and vacuum it in the morning.

  • Sprinkle your carpet with downy to smell like coming from the washing machine.

  • Buy a pet odor eliminator that contains enzymes. These enzymes digest the bacteria and the matter that is causing the odor thereby giving a fresh carpet smell.

  • Here are some ways to use essential oils and reap the benefits:

    1. Freshen up a room by mixing a few drops of essence oil in a bowl of potpourri. Release the fragrance into the air by tossing gently the crumbled leaves and petals.
    2. Rub a few drops of essence oil on a light bulb with a tissue paper to give your room a fresh fragrance.
    3. Wipe the doors and baseboards in the room with the tissue paper of essence oil.
    4. Vacuum your carpet with few drops of oil on a tissue paper inside the vacuum's bag.

Freshening up your carpet does not have to be expensive or painful. Maintaining a good carpet is a mark of cleanliness and good taste. We have a wide range of products available in supermarkets so we can choose our options. Fresh smelling carpets require a touch of work. Using your favorite essence oil changes your mood and uplifts your spirit.


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