How To Get a Custom Made Tin Backsplash Installed

Decorating the kitchen is among the best parts of building or redecorating your home. The excitement of buying new appliances and conceptualizing designs hypes up the feeling of fulfillment you get once you see the final outcome of your dream kitchen.

When thinking of your kitchen design, you may want to consider having a backsplash installed to protect your newly-painted walls from being stained by splatters of grease, sauces, and other liquids. Backsplashes are decorative vertical panels that can be attached to the walls behind the stove or sink to protect the areas from staining or damage. The good thing about backsplashes is that you can have them customized according to your design preferences and they are easy to install. Here are some ways you can have a tin backsplash installed in your kitchen:

  • Begin by picking out a tin backsplash design that would best suit the theme of your kitchen. You can ask for the help of your interior decorator or you can do it yourself.  You may visit the nearest hardware or home-decorating stores, or you may do an online search for a listing of shops that sell backsplashes within your area. You may click this link to KitchenBathIdeas for a listing of places that sell backsplashes.
  • Once you’ve decided on a design that you like, measure the area or space that needs to be covered. You may want to ask the help of a professional interior designer or contractor so the area can be accurately measured and they can help you purchase the correct dimensions and number of pressed metal sheets that will serve as your backsplash. Getting help from professionals can save you money, time, and energy as they can advise you on the best thing to do or where to buy good quality and affordable metal sheets.
  • When you have purchased the metal sheets and the materials needed for the installation (hammer, nails, adhesives, etc.), you are now ready to have the backsplash installed to complete your kitchen design. However, for this part of the job, it is best to leave the installation process to your contractor in case there may be a need to cut off some parts of the metal sheet to make it fit the area that will be covered perfectly. It is not advisable for you to do the cutting yourself as you may not be able to estimate the portions to cut and may end up damaging the design of the backsplash or even hurting yourself.  Leave it to the professionals both for practical and safety reasons.
  • Be sure to inspect the installation as the work is being done. Check for damages or disproportional areas in the backsplashes. It is best to be around while the installation is in progress so you can clearly communicate what you want to your contractor and so you can get the results that you expect from the job.

Having a tin backsplash installed does not have to be among the stressful parts of redecorating your home. It can be fun and fulfilling especially if you know what to do and if you are involved in the whole process of building and completing your dream kitchen.


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