How To Get a Property Survey

To get a property survey you need to call a local surveyor. They are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone book; or you can call a real estate agent, and they can help you to find one. The surveyor will go to the property assessor's office in the county's courthouse and take copies of your property maps. With that information, he will come on to your property and use his tools to do a boundary survey using the coordinates on the original house survey that is recorded in the courthouse.

Once he has your property's front dimensions and back dimensions and side dimensions, he will mark all of these on his own property survey maps. These property surveys are usually required if you are thinking about adding a fence or building an additional room. No contractor will begin work without a property survey because he doesn't want to get sued by your neighbors if he infringes onto their property line.

A mortgage survey is usually down by a house inspector. They are paid by you but actually work for themselves since they have to be unbiased in their evaluation of your property. A house inspector does a secondary structural survey of your house to see that it has no structural defects. He will go to your basement and make sure that your house is not shifting or that no other structural problems are going on with your house's foundation. A house survey will include how many rooms, full or half bathrooms, and how many total feet of living space your house actually has.

It is really not difficult to figure out how to get a property survey. You must first know what kind of survey you want and for what purpose. If you are selling your house and want to put an ad in the paper or a magazine, you will need the size of your front yard, your back yard and the total area of your property which will include the land your house actually sits on. That is your land survey done by a surveyor. The total feet of living space can also be done by a surveyor, but if you were looking for a mortgage survey, they will usually want a house inspector before they give you the mortgage.

A house survey is really only done by a house inspector. A survey of land and total property owned and total built living space is done by a surveyor.


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