How To Get a Urine Stain Out of Grout

Whether the urine stains are left by humans or pets, grout stained with urine is very ugly to look at and quite difficult to clean. Tile grouts are porous and if they are not sealed, urine will soak through and discolor the grout, not discounting the fact that urine odor can be overwhelming. Ordinary household cleaners cannot remove these stains. You need to buy a specially formulated commercial cleaner to remove urine stains from grout. You need to solve two problems, actually. You have to remove the stain and neutralize the urine odor that had penetrated the grout. Take a look at the tips below.

  • To remove the urine stains, spray mist the grout with Soil Release Pre-Mist manufactured by Planet Urine. Sprinkle Urine ™ Out Powder over the area/s that you have sprayed with the Soil Release Pre-Mist. Wearing a rubber work glove, work the powder over the stained areas. The stained areas will form bubbles, which will lift and remove the urine stains. Remove the powder either by sweeping the floor or by vacuuming the area. There may be stained areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Locate these areas by using a hand-held blacklight. Turn off the main light and use the blacklight to locate hidden urine spots. These spots will glow when the blacklight shines on them.
  • Removing the urine odors from the grout requires a different set of cleaning aids. Spray the stained area with Smells No-More ™ Odor Eliminator. This product is also manufactured by Planet Urine. Wipe the soiled areas with a cleaning sponge dipped in water. This initial process will disinfect the area and kill odor-causing bacteria. Let the area dry thoroughly before you proceed to the next step.
  • Apply the solution three more times over the affected areas. Allow the solution to dry completely before spraying the second and third applications. This step will kill all the bacteria that are present in the grout.
  • If the odor is caused by pet urine, apply No-P! ™ Housebreaking Aid. This will effectively remove all traces of urine scent on the grout so your pet will not be compelled to come and mark the areas again.
  • Clean the rest of the tiled floor, including the grout and apply grout sealant. Make sure that people and pets do not come to the treated area until the sealant has completely dried. Apply a second coating and allow the sealant to dry. This will ensure that the grout is completely sealed and water and other liquid will not be able to penetrate the porous surface. Apply grout sealant annually.

Be vigilant when you have pets and small kids in the house. Spray the urine splashes with OxyClean or bleach and water as soon as possible and wipe it dry so that the urine will not have time to soak through and stain the tiles and grout. If you are planning to retile your floor, select bigger tiles to minimize grouting. Darker grout color will hide unsightly grout stains but it will not prevent the grout from smelling of urine. Teach your small boy to aim for the toilet bowl properly and train your pets to let you know when they have to urinate or move their bowels so that you can take them out or use a designated spot.


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