How To Get Free Stuff Using Freecycle

Whether you’re an environmentalist who wants to keep items from filling the landfills or a person who loves to give and receive free stuff, Freecycle is for you. Freecyle is a group that epitomizes the popular slogan “reduce, reuse, and recycle” by encouraging people to post items that they do not need anymore so that other people can use them. If you’re member of Freecycle, you can also post a “wanted” topic for items that you’re looking for so that other members who have the items that you wanted can alert you of this and have you pick them up at their places. If you’re interested in joining Freecycle to get free stuff, read the instructions below:

  • Go to Freecycle by typing in “Freecycle” in your favorite search engine or by typing in your web browser. Click on “About Freecycle” tab located at the top of the website to know more information about this group. By clicking on this tab you’ll know how Freecyle started, who started it, what does it do, who are its sponsors, and how to volunteer for it. If you have no time to browse the headings under the “About Freecycle” tab but you want to find details about Freecycle membership, click on FAQ.
  • After you’re done browsing the website, enter your location on the “Find a group near you” search box and click the “Go” button.
  • Click one of the links returned by the search box. If your search doesn’t return any results, don’t be dismayed. If you believe in Freecycle’s way of helping the environment and you’re not only interested in getting free stuff, click on the “Please click here if you are interested in applying to set one up, and become a moderator of one in your community.” Don’t apply to become a moderator if you’re not willing to take on responsibility.
  • Click on the Yahoo! group link within the page. This will take you to the group’s Yahoo! group website. You need to have a Yahoo! email account to join this group.
  • If you don’t have an email account with Yahoo!, make one by typing in “Yahoo mail” in your search engine and clicking the Yahoo! mail link. Click on the “Create New Account” button located below the Yahoo! Sign In box. Supply the details for your email and follow the instructions given in getting a Yahoo! email account.
  • When you already have a Yahoo! email account, click on the “Join This Group” button located at the upper right side of the Freecycle Yahoo! group webpage of your chosen Freecycle group. Follow the steps given in joining the Freecycle Yahoo! group.
  • After joining the group, you can now enjoy posting and browsing free items!

Even though the intention of Freecycle is good, it doesn’t hurt to practice caution in getting items from Freecycle members. When getting an item, ask a friend or a family member to go with you to the pickup place and let someone know of your whereabouts. When having someone pickup an item from your place, meanwhile, also have a friend or family member with you at your house and don’t let your guard off easily.


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