How To Get Green Energy Residential Grants

Nowadays, homes and businesses are opening up to projects that conserve and produce energy. One particular project that people are concerned with is producing inexpensive power through efficient energy sources, like solar and wind power. Since green energy projects need huge amount of money as an initial investment, getting funds can be very tough. Here are some steps in acquiring green energy residential grants.

Step 1: Form a group of people that will serve as supporters and partners in your project. This can improve your chances of getting the grant, because you can have additional documented support. For instance, if you have decided to be the developer, then it is more credible when you take account your alliance with architects and engineers, as well as people who have the capability to produce and develop the green energy technologies you are proposing.  

Step 2:
Create a precise and comprehensive proposal letter on how you would make use of the grant in your project. Also, you have to specify what will be your project’s objectives and its advantages. This will help the organization to distinguish what kind of project you are proposing, because there are various proposals for residential grants, involving different technologies. Do not forget to include introduction to your project as well as your documented support.

Step 3: Create a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the people who have collaborated with you in your proposal. This letter should include details about the tasks your supporters and partners in relation to your organization. This will give an idea to future donors that there is an agreement that validates your documented support. 

Step 4: Talk to the community residents and officials where you are planning to build your project and request for endorsements. Since you are dealing with a residential project, it is then your responsibility to get support from the residents and officials in the area.

Step 5: Before applying for grants from big organizations, try to ask for financial support from the local government and other local resources. You can request financial aid from a particular donor and other organizations that are interested in supporting your cause. One potential donor you might want to try are banks or micro-financing institutions.

Step 6: Make some arrangements with your local Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency to ask for a grant for your project. You can suggest making them your partner since HUD also provides green energy housing grants. You can also ask potential organizations they know that gives grants for energy efficient residential projects.

Step 7: Try to apply for a grant from the Kresge Foundation. This organization is founded to provide support in construction projects. They give assistance to communities and present planning grants for green energy residential ventures.

Since green energy is a popular issue today, there are people who are willing to provide support to residential ventures that establish and espouse green technologies, such as solar and wind power. These companies are interested in helping out communities, and also establishing goodwill for their corporate image.


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