How To Get Lip Gloss out of Clothes

Have you ever taken your laundry out of the dryer, only to find that a lip gloss had somehow made it into the pile of clothes? Lip gloss leaves greasy stains all over the articles of clothing in the wash. It can be hard to get lip gloss out of clothes, but there are a few things you can try if you simply must try to save that favorite shirt:

  1. Do not dry the clothes. If you notice the stains before moving the clothes from the washer into the dryer, or realize that a lip gloss container may have been left in your jeans pocket, do not proceed to dry the clothes. These remedies work best before the clothes have been dried. If the clothes are already dry, thoroughly wet the area of the stain and allow the water to soak into the fabric before proceeding.
  2. Use a stain remover. Your first attempt should be to use regular stain remover. Stain remover formulated for use on clothing will be gentler than anything else you could use. Spread it into the wet fabric and work it in with your fingers. Then wash the garment. If the stain has still not disappeared, do not dry it. Instead, move on to step 2 with your wet garment.
  3. Use Dawn dishwashing soap. Dishwashing soap is meant to cut the grease on food containers. That is why it works on greasy lip gloss stains. First wet the areas around the stains. Then pour dishwashing soap onto the stains and work it into the fabric. Let it sit before rewashing, but do not allow it to dry on your clothes. If it is allowed to dry on your clothes, it could create a stain of its own.
  4. Use WD-40. For stains that are not removed with dishwashing soap alone, first try some WD-40 degreaser on the spot. Many people find that the WD-40 allows the degreasing dishwashing soap to do its job. Then proceed to use the dishwashing soap on the stain.
  5. Repeat as needed. It may take several tries to get all of the lip gloss out of your clothing. However, if you've tried several times and the stain just won't come out, it may be time to give up.

If you ever take your clothes out of the dryer to find that they are covered in lip gloss stains, that's a mistake you won't soon forget. From now on, remember to clean out all of your pockets before washing a load of laundry.


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