How To Get Paint Off Mirrors

Sometimes, trying to finish a project too fast can cause accidents to happen. Take getting paint on a mirror for example. It seems like fixing such a delicate fixture would take a lot of time and an excessive amount of money, but the remedy is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you’d think. There are a few known in-home solutions to try when removing paint from a mirror.

First and foremost, try using fingernail polish! It seems to be the strongest, yet most sensitive component in taking paint off of mirrors and it’s safe to use with your bare hands. Simply soak the corner of a dry cloth into the fingernail polish and apply it to the paint on the mirror, rubbing in a circular motion until the paint is dissolved. You can also try using pure acetone, which is just a stronger form of fingernail polish. If acetone doesn’t work and the paint is hard, try using Goo-Gone or a lacquer thinner to soften the paint before trying to remove it.

If the previously mentioned items aren’t working for you, go to the hardware store to buy a new razor scraper. Make sure that the side of the mirror you are trying to get the paint off of doesn’t have the reflective coating on it. Once you have determined that you are only working with the glass side, place the blade parallel to the mirror and scrape in an upward motion. Lift the blade in between every stroke and continue scraping upward. Don’t use the sharp edges of the razor, as doing so will most likely scratch the surface of your mirror. Try using WD-40, hair conditioner or a mixture of water and dish soap to coat the mirror with a slippery surface so that it is more difficult to damage the mirror while removing the paint.  Your local hardware store should have a special blade holder designed for this specific purpose. It isn’t necessary to use a holder, but it does help if you’re still kind of wary about using razor blades on a glass surface.

Unfortunately, if you’re unable to successfully remove the paint from the mirror without damaging it, you may need to call in a professional. On the other hand it may be easiest and best to purchase a new mirror. Of course, it all depends on how much damage has been done and how much time and effort you are willing to put into the mirror.


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