How To Get Patio Roof Designs

Basically, a patio is an external space traditionally utilized and designed for recreational activities that is often attached to a house or residence.  It is usually roofed (although not necessary) and has flooring made of concrete, wood, or composite material.  Of course, the variations of this outdoor addition to your home may have changed over the years but the essence is still the same.

Now if people want to spend more time outside while being protected from the elements, the matter of a installing a roof becomes important.  Many times the patio itself is built first, with the decision to install the roof coming later.  It then becomes important to choose a roof design that would best complement your existing patio. Here are some tips on how to get the best (and hopefully free!) patio roof design.

  • Surf on over to the Internet.  In the digital age, the Internet has become the fastest resource for everything at the tip of your finger; including, you name it --- patio roof designs. Type in "patio roof designs" on Google for instance and be pleasantly surprised at 2.7 million hits.  The Internet is always the best way to instantly read up on any topic.  If you are too overwhelmed with the number of options, then try checking these sites first:,,, and  These sites have photos of actual patio roofs they either installed or can install.  The smorgasbord of choices will give you a broad idea of the different patio roof styles as well its materials, thus it will be easier for you to see where your design leanings lie.  If you're a little more search-savvy, then you will even find actual plans and designs for patio roofs.
  • Download home improvement software.  Again, use the Internet to guide you to home design or home improvement software.  Some are free to try (if you're excited, go ahead and buy one).  These types of software allow you to take a picture of your patio (or pick the most similar one from their database) and superimpose different patio roof designs to see which one will work best with your patio.
  • Old fashioned? Head to the library. The library will offer a lot of do-it-yourself books that can guide you on the step by step process of building your patio roof.  It can also be a valuable resource in terms of historical merit - if you live in an old house and would like to get a roof design that would match the period style of your patio, the library would be the best place to search for these.  In fact, if you live in a neighborhood that prides itself in maintaining its traditions, the local library would probably even have records of house plans - go through this to search for patio roof designs.  Your patio roof will now have an authentic, historical touch.
  • Try the local carpenter. Human resource never fails!  Meet up with your neighborhood carpenter or local contractors - again, if you live in an area where patios are common, these people will most likely have saved their plans, and from experience will be able to recommend the best roof for your patio.

Don't rush to build that roof - just as the hair on our head is sometimes referred to as "our crowning glory", so too can the effect of your patio roof be.  Take your time, choose carefully and consult with friends and family.  These are the people who will share your patio with you, it seems only right that you involve them in the decision on the design of the roof that will go over their heads.


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