How To Get Rid of a Smelly Shower Drain

A smelly shower drain may be caused by rotting substances, sewage gas, bacteria, mold, or smelly water.  From time to time, these things make your shower drain smell unpleasant.  Find out the cause of the smell and do the following methods to eliminate odors coming from your shower drain. 

  1. Remove blockages.  Check for decaying substances that have become lodged within your shower drain.  Manually pick these out with the use of cleaning tools, or pour chemicals to dissolve them until they wash away.  Even if the objects that are stuck in the drain are not decaying, they may trap dirty water and organic matter that cause a rotting smell.  Find all of these blockages and dispose them.
  2. Pour boiling water.  Boiling water loosens up sticky substances and kills off organisms that may be causing the stench.  Pour boiling water regularly into a smelly shower drain until the smell subsides.
  3. Use baking soda.  Baking soda is a good absorber of odors.  Pour a generous amount of baking soda into the shower drain.  Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.  Afterwards, wash the baking soda with water.
  4. Use white vinegar.  The acid content in the vinegar kills of organisms that reside within the drain.  Pour white vinegar gradually into the drain.  Check the vinegar’s level of acidity: the higher, the better.   
  5. Use bleach.  Bleach is an all-around cleaner that is good for smelly shower drains as well.  Pour bleach down the shower drain.  If you are using bleach, don’t use any other chemical that may interact with the bleach adversely.
  6. Use drain cleaners.  These are specifically designed to clean drains.  Read the instructions on how to use them properly for best results.  Refrain from mixing drain cleaners with other corrosive chemicals.
  7. Use bathroom fresheners.  Bathroom fresheners may be scented candles, potpourri, air fresheners and the like.  These items mask the odors but don’t necessarily get rid of it.  Some bathroom cleaners are scented, and when used gives off a fresh scent to your bathroom.
  8. Fix the shower trap.  A shower trap keeps sewage gas from rising up.  It blocks sewage gas by keeping a small amount of water between the sewage below and the upper drain.  If this is broken, or if it is too shallow, smelly gas is free to enter your bathroom.  Check whether your shower trap is working fine.  A way to do this is by pouring water into the drain.  If the smell disappears, but returns after some time, the water in the shower trap may be draining because the trap is broken.
  9. Test the water.  The water from the shower may be causing the smell because of mineral deposits or other impurities.  Test your water purifier and see whether it needs cleaning or repairing.  Collect water from the shower and smell it.  If the smell comes from the water, make changes with your water supply system.

These are effective ways to get rid of a smelly shower drain.  Do the above methods and take note of what worked and what did not.  Seek the services of a reliable plumber to make things easier for you. 


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