How To Get Rid of Earwigs and Silverfish

Outwardly similar in some aspects, earwigs and silverfish are insects which seem to put off most people. Earwigs are small black or brown insects with a tail, pincers and antennae. They're mostly found outdoors, thriving in moist and damp areas and feed on dead or living plant debris or other insects. Silverfish, on the other hand, flourish and thrive indoors and are a great pest problem in almost all households in the Western hemisphere. You will find silverfish indoors in damp and humid places, such as the bathroom, in books, behind wallpaper, fabrics or dry foods. In case you are one of those people worried by these two pesky insects, read through the instructions which follow to find out how you can get rid of earwigs and silverfish.

Step 1

Earwig control and prevention. Earwigs like to live in moist and damp areas outdoors, so the first thing you need to do is ensure that the immediate area surrounding your house and foundation is moisture-proof. Make sure the drainage system around your house is more than adequate in doing its job, which is to drain away all liquid and moisture, and preventing it from seeping into your home. Other areas outdoors which can be breeding grounds for earwigs are the ground below stones, boards, cracks in trees, rooting plant debris, broken tree stumps or thick branches and twigs lying about on the ground. Clear up such areas and try to make them moisture-proof as far as possible.

Step 2

Protect all entry and exit points. This means the doors and windows in your house. Ensure there are no gaps or openings between the frames and the walls around doors and windows. If at all you find gaps, patch them up with caulking or putty.

Step 3

Silverfish eradication and prevention. The same principle - keeping the area dry and moisture-proof - applies to the eradication of silverfish as well, except, all the action now takes place indoors. Ensure that all rooms in your home, including lofts, attics and the basement, are well ventilated, use fans and dehumidifiers if necessary, keep all plumbing and pipe work free of drips and leaks. Regular and thorough cleaning of all the areas in your home, including dark corners, niches, alcoves, etc, will greatly help in reducing the silverfish population. It is important to regularly dust and vacuum areas such as bookshelves, curio cabinets, kitchen counters and cabinets, the area below sinks and countertops, etc. Pay special attention to wardrobes and closets, silverfish also like to eat fabrics of any kind, so regularly air out all your clothes and keep these areas free of dust, mold and damp.

As with earwigs, make sure access to your house is cut off by sealing all cracks and gaps between walls, doors, windows and frames. Another extremely important measure to take is to remove all wallpaper, since silverfish, not only like the glue, they are able to burrow in between the paper and the walls and breed.

Step 4

Using chemicals, baits and traps. There are many products available in the market which promise to get rid of earwigs and silverfish effectively. These come in various forms - powder, pellets, sprays, solutions, etc. make your selection based upon your particular requirements, as also the proven effectiveness of such products.

As is true of many evils, prevention is always better than cure, hence, make sure that you do not allow the earwigs and silverfish to propagate in the first place, itself. Keeping your home and surrounding areas clean, dust and water-free is most effective in preventing these insects from invading your space.


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