How To Get Rid of Fleas with Pine Sol

A majority of people who own pets have had their homes invaded by fleas at one time or another. They are annoying creatures for you and your pets, and can multiply very quickly if not treated. You can treat your home with flea poison bombs, but these can be harmful to pets and humans with their harsh chemicals and toxic fumes. You probably have a bottle of Pine Sol in your cabinet at home that you already use for general household cleaning.  Did you know that Pine Sol can be a safe and effective alternative for killing fleas in your home? Following these steps can help ensure your success in ridding your home of these critters.

First, you should mix Pine Sol with warm water at a ratio of 1/2 cup Pine Sol to 1 gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and add 1/4 cup of Pine Sol; shake well. Then use the bottle to spray this mixture around the doors and windows of your home. Not only does Pine Sol kill the fleas but the scent also helps prevent more fleas from coming in. Using a cloth soaked with the Pine Sol mixture, you can then wipe down your window sills, bed frames and baseboards - all places where fleas tend to hide.

You can use the leftover water in your bucket to mop under beds, chairs and sofas, as fleas love hiding under these and in plush furniture. It can be difficult to rid these items of fleas but if you are persistent it can be done. If you have carpeting, you can use Pine Sol at a mixture of 1/4 cup in the rinse water to rid the carpet of fleas. If you don't own a carpet cleaner, you can usually rent one at your local grocery or hardware store.

If desired, you can also give your dog a good dousing in a Pine Sol bath by mixing 1 part water with 16 parts Pine Sol. Simply pour the mixture over your dog's coat, being especially careful not to get it into his eyes. You should start seeing the fleas fall off of the dog. Not only will Fido be grateful to have no more fleas, he will also have a fresh and clean scent.

Using Pine Sol to remove problematic fleas from your home is an economical and environmentally safe remedy. There is no need for harmful chemicals or insecticides, and you won't need to call an exterminator when you can use Pine Sol to wipe out the flea problem in your home. Following these directions will help you get rid of these pests for good, plus it will give your home that freshly-cleaned Pine Sol smell.


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