How To Get Rid of Old Car Tires

Old car tires stacked in your garage aren't that wonderful to look at.  They occupy too much space, most especially if the tires are big. Disposing of these tires can be quite a problem. Land fills do not accept old car tires. They're banned, according to government regulations. This is because people have grown to be green lovers. They're concerned about the environment and the destruction or harmful effects of the improper disposal of old car tires. So, what are you going to do about the old car tires in your own home?  Here are some practical ideas.

  • Gardening. Those old car tires can be made into soil containers for your flower or veggies garden.  You can actually plant potatoes in them. Old car tires make wonderful potato towers. You just have to stack up two or three tires. Then, fill these with layers of straw, compost, and soil. Next, plant the potatoes there. Now you just have to take care of your mini potato garden everyday until harvest time. Harvest time might be a little bit tricky though. At harvest time, you'll have to pull down the tires. Then, you'll see your potatoes. What's wonderful there is you really don't have to break your back by digging. Now, the question would be, what will you do to the composted material where you've let your potatoes grow. Simple. You just have to mix the composted material into your regular soil bed. This enhances the nutrients of your regular bed.  You can also put these potato towers at the corners of small beds. These can serve as support to a fence. You just have to wrap the fence material around and use a stick to hold the overlap or keep it closed.
  • Kids’ play area.  Just like in the movies, you can be creative and make improvised play things using the old car tires. For example, make a tire swing. You have the liberty to choose whether you'll hang it sideways or upright, depending on what you want. What do you need to make this? All you need is a tree with a branch big and sturdy enough to support the person who will be occupying and playing on the swing. Find a way you can hook a rope that will connect the tire and the branch. If you're not so fascinated with this idea, you can try creating a “tunnel” where kids can play hide and seek, or pretend they're at war and they're hiding from enemies attacking them. You just have to arrange these car tires in a row. Then, find something that can hold up each side of the tires.
  • Recycling or selling.  You can try recycling old car tires. This decreases air pollution and water and soil contamination. You can also sell these old car tires to shops that buy car tires.  You have to note, though, that there are shops that don't really just buy your tire but also ask you to buy their tires in return.

Old car tires piling up near or around your home are a sore sight.  You can try the tips in this article to dispose of those tires in an earth-friendly manner.


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