How To Get Spots Off a Silver-Plated Item

If you have silver-plated items, it’s very important that you know how to properly store and clean them in order to make them last for a long time. Remember that silver tarnishes if it is exposed to air, and when this happens, black, yellow or brown spots could appear. If you find that your silver-plated items already have spots, however, don’t worry; there are many ways that you can solve this situation. Here are some of the ways to get spots off a silver-plated item:

  1. Know of some guidelines to care for your silver. First of all, it’s best that you know of some preventative measures so you won’t encounter this problem again. You should use your silver as much as possible – this may seem counterintuitive, but this way, you would reduce the possibility of it tarnishing. You should also never put your silver in the dishwasher; always wash it by hand. And finally, you should polish your silver with a good metal cleaner, but never do this for more than twice a year.
  2. Choose a good silver polish. There are many brands of silver polish available in the market, but the most-recommended are Weiman Royal Sterling Silver Polish and the Twinkle Silver Polish Kit.
  3. Collect all your silver. To cut back on time needed for cleaning and polishing, you could collect all your silver items and inspect them for tarnishes. It’s best that you clean all your silver-plated items in one sitting.
  4. Wash your silver. You should thoroughly get rid of the dust on your silver-plated item. For this, you should rinse it in warm water mixed with mild liquid detergent. Dry the item with soft cloth.
  5. Apply the silver polish. Apply the silver polish with a soft, dry cloth, and concentrate on the tarnish spots. Make sure that you rub the polish along the grain of the silver, and do not rub it in a circular motion. Afterwards, buff the polish with another soft, clean cloth.
  6. Rinse the silver in running water. After doing this, dry the silver thoroughly with another soft, clean cloth.
  7. Know what to do in severe cases. In case the spots do not come off with the procedures described above, you can use commercial silver dips that are specially formulated to dissolve stubborn stains. You can buy such dips in hardware stores. Know that contrary to its name, you need to soak your silver items onto the mixture. Be very careful to follow instructions to the letter; these silver dips are made of very strong chemicals, and you should make sure to wear protective gloves to protect your hands.
  8. Store your silver properly. To avoid having this same dilemma next time, you should make sure that you store your silver properly. First of all, make sure that each piece is completely dry before you put them away. Next, wrap each piece in acid-free tissue paper or flannel cloth. Then, seal each piece inside an airtight plastic bag. Lastly, remember never to store silver in the same place as stainless steel, rubber or paint.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you can get spots off a silver-plated item. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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