How To Grow an Organic Lawn

If you see yourself as quite a green thumb, you will no doubt be looking at ways in which you can grow beautiful, green lawn in your garden. Usually this can only be achieved with the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. However, by looking into growing an organic lawn for your enjoyment, you will be provided with a gorgeous green span of grass which will be naturally stronger against defending against weed and insect attacks. If you dream of having a garden you can truly be proud of and which will be able to withstand more than your typical lawn, you should see the benefits for yourself of growing an organic lawn. This can be a time consuming task, but by following these tips, you will soon be the proud owner of your own organic lawn.

Step 1

pH Level

You will firstly need to do a soil test as certain lawns can be particular about their pH level. You can have this test done by a professional who will accurately measure this factor, along with the nutrient requirements your soil needs. In order to change the pH levels in your soil, you can feed it extra nutrients such as lime or sulphur, which should hopefully aid it in its growth and strength. It is imperative that you look into having these tests done by professional service, as inaccurate testing can not only result in the incorrect findings and thus, wrong treatment for the pH level and nutrients; but it will also result in a waste of money and could potentially ruin the health of your organic lawn. During different times of the year, you can aid your lawns health by adding a top layer of compost to the lawn. This will help in its growth and strength by adding extra trace minerals and nutrients to your soil which will help promote healthy growth. Adding a top layer of compost will also aid your lawn’s growth as it will add microbes into the soil which will make it healthier and more able to retain water.

Step 2


Next, you should look at the way in which you mow your organic lawn. The longer your grass is, the more shaded the soil will be which will benefit the overall growth of your lawn as it will help stop weeds fro germinating and will help keep the soil cool and moist, making it require water less often. Mowing your grass to a high length of around 2 inches will also allow for more successful photosynthesis as each blade will be longer, and therefore able to soak up more sunlight and convert this energy into food which enables it to grow.


One of the more important factors when looking to grown a healthy lawn-or any type of plant, is the amount of water it requires and how often you water it. According to statistics, lawn grass needs around 1 inch of water a week and we are often unaware of this and so water it much more than it requires which is a waste of water. If you are in an area where rainfall is sparse, it is important that you ensure your lawn has full watering coverage. One way in which you can do this effectively is by investing in a sprinkler or a hose. It is also important that you allow the grass to dry between each watering session as this can cause other issues such as fungal issues and may encourage weeds to grow.


The final point you need to take into account is the issue of weeds. They are one thing which we often dread to see in our gardens, but you can get rid of them and learn to help stop them from growing back. In terms of removing these from your organic lawn, you can simply just dig them out of the soil, but this can leave unsightly holes or rough patches within the lawn. But by catching weeds early and removing them from your lawn, you will be helping your lawn-and yourself greatly as this will help stop them flourishing across your garden.  

If you are looking to grow a beautiful lawn for your garden, don’t allow the word organic to throw you off and make you presume that it entails a great deal of work. Organic lawns are inexpensive and very easy to maintain. Just with some love and care, you too will enjoy a gorgeously green patch of lawn that you can be proud of.

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